A highlight from The Healing Power of Hip-Hop with Dr. Raphael Travis Jr.


Hop my name. Is manny faces. Let's go the thing about hip hop today. Is it smart insightful. The way that they can communicate a complex message in a very short space. It is remarkable and a lot of these kids. They're not gonna be reading the new york times. That's not how they're getting information will do. We will hip hop pop. Peace in love everyone. Thanks for checking out. Hip hop can save america aka. The world's smartest hip hop podcast brought to you by the center for hip hop advocacy donny. Hathaway and roberta flack. We are back together again. My name is manny faces. I'm the creator editor and host of the show as an independent journalist scholar and speaker. I've become an expert of sorts on myriad innovative inspiring and some surprising ways that we can uplift humanity through hip hop music and culture. This show helps brings some of those innovations to light spreading the word and hopefully inspiring others to accept and adopt these ideas into their own fields and their own disciplines. That is one. I think everyone who helps support this show either through donations spreading the word or just listening. Thanks to you. Both this show and some of our associated projects will now be released more frequently. There's more details to follow in the next drop but for now. Please make sure you're following the podcast on your favorite pot or audio streaming app apple podcasts. Spotify excetera sign up for our free complimentary newsletter highly all kinds of innovation inspired by hip hop culture at hip hop advocacy dot org and follow us on twitter facebook or instagram. At hip hop advocacy. If you want to know anything more about us contact us. Donate to the show check out. Our newsletter bookshop social media channels. Leave us a review. Recommend a guest recommend yourself as a guest anything we put all our relevant info at hip hop advocacy dot org slash links now onto today's episode two of the more recurring topics that we've covered on. The show have been the authentic compassionate and effective use of hip hop music and culture in educational settings and in therapeutic sessions. Both inside and outside of school proper. The intersection of these intersections highlights a huge overarching concept. That i and many of the folks. I talk with swear by. It's the healing power of hip hop. It's such a good phrase such a concise complete explanation of why i care so much about spreading the good word about hip hops potential to uplift humanity and improves society. It's the healing power of hip hop. Of course only one of us actually wrote the book on the subject among a few of the things you hear about. Dr rafael travis is a professor and msw program director at texas state university in the school of social work. And he's the author of the book. The healing power of hip hop. Dr travis and i spoke a little ways back about his work is research and just how much hip hop is able to. Well to. he'll. Here's my talk with dr rafael travis. Dr travis thank you sir for meeting me here on this e corner to kick it for a little bit. No doubt absolutely. Thanks for having me your really appreciate of course long overdue. There have been in the whole history of doing this show. There have been few people's whose name has come up so many times as dr driving on the show you talk dow jones. I know i know so. It's been long overdue. And i do appreciate you for coming out so all right. I've introduced you told a little bit about who you are. But i often like to. Sometimes i'm just reading the bio and we haven't yet had in-depth discussions so. I can't tell your deepest darkest secrets How to use their present yourself to the world your name rank and serial number as it were yes so Raphael travis junior born and raised in long island. We have have that commonality in there. A long island native but At these days professor researcher and licensed clinical. Social workers are where a lot of hats in any given point in time of the day. I a different hat on also am the founding director of flow story which is aimed to really be a place in between research in practiced where you can share some of the things that i've learned in research and with the world the people that are out there on the ground doing every day. And that's been around since twenty thirteen and really the goal is to help people use hip hop culture for empowerment. And that's really the fuel that drives my day to day. Nowadays is thinking about how we can try to make the world a better place But really Using the the jewels of the culture that we love in that effort the i'm at texas state university in social work. And i'm a professor there and also currently directed msw program to graduate social work program. That's where a lot of research is done out of the create lab which is trying to understand so we talked about how we can use hip hop to promote wellbeing whether it's mental health or physical health or all the other social change benefits but really trying to understand how people use music in their lives so we can move beyond just kind of anecdotal why we think hip hop is good yet. Really tie back to some research and give a language in a structure to to what we already know right right the things we could probably sit and just have a conversation about you. Know how meaningful and powerful hypothesis. Yeah and so a lot of it is and i think that those of us who either work in these intersections or talk about them a lot like i do the trick there is to marry theoretical stuff research stuff and practice and like you said a lot of stuff happens in hip hop inherently that we have to kind of revert like translates to institutions. If we want to say hey hip hop has these things that can help your thing but you guys don't speak the same language so we have to find ways to translate that unless a lot of the work exactly it. It really is. It really is a language right. it's a culture. It's helping people that are not of the culture to understand a different culture in the same ways that we you know. We do everything else i think. Many of us were blessed to be immersed in raised the culture without really having a name for it it just it was the air that we breathe right and so we have a level of familiarity in in in instinctual understanding. That a lot of people don't in really.

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