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I'm Doug Kazarian joined this morning by Joe forton ball. It's like a Friday but on a Wednesday. Yeah, you could say it like that. I'm so stoked. It's obviously we're a day before. Thanksgiving with the tapings here and there's a lot we can cover for the weekend. But as is tradition from each and every year, I will have our action on all three games Kazarian. I do not take a day off when it comes to Thanksgiving. I will play all three games, including the egg bowl. That'll make four. I did not realize that was a fort and bought tradition. Egg bowl, a couple of years ago was my biggest bet of the year and I talked about it on SportsCenter. I was in Connecticut, I got up and emailed producers on Tuesday or Wednesday. I need to do the egg bull pick Thursday morning. I wasn't pad the record. And we got there. We did get there. Was that the one with the fake peeing in the end zone that led to the penalty? The plus one. No. That was the one where it was like -9 and I did have that right side though. So they missed the extra point because the extra but it was the year before that I believe that was like, I was laying like 7, I think, and they won by ten or 13, but it should have been like a 30 point win. But probably won't tell the story otherwise, but it was funny because I just had to get there and I told a bunch of people that you know, one of those, like you tell everyone, this is like your game of the year. Oh yeah. I do not have a game of the year on the 8 ball this year. Maybe you do, we shall see. Let's obviously tomorrow Thanksgiving, a lot going on. I only have one play for the ESPN dot com chalk section. It's going to be probably a pretty popular one, although maybe not incredibly popular because it's split over Thursday and Sunday. But I am going to do the teaser with Dallas and New England. I just love what the Patriots are doing. It's self explanatory, 5 straight wins, 5 straight covers, the defense changing. We talked about it last week playing more zone twice as much as they were before that and they have the best defense. Rating wise in this span. So we'll see what Tennessee off the loss, but they're limited, right on offense. I am a little worried about Dallas, the injuries, no Maurice Cooper. There's chance at CD lamb comes back and raiders will play well at some point. They have too much talent, but they just don't have it right now. Three straight losses, three straight losses, ATS as well. So I think Dallas bounces back from the loss at arrowhead. I like the teams apply. I'll be with you as well, buffalo and New England. Here's a Thanksgiving card for me. We'll start with the morning. I'm leaning to the Lions plus three if Jared Goff plays. I think there's a lot of trouble lurking for the bears. They're a mess this week with are they firing that naggy after this game? Are they not? They've never fired a coach in season before. So I'm leaning to Detroit, but I got to have golf. I don't want to play it with boil. One play I do have Deandre swift over 64 and a half rushing yards. The bears are gonna be without Khalil Mack and should be without akeem hicks when hicks isn't in the lineup, the run defense goes to crap. Three games without him this year. They're giving up a 125 yards per game on the ground. And this is something that if you go back over the last few years, it holds true as well. Swift has been killing it the last two weeks. 47 carries for 266 yards. He averaged 9 yards per carry against the browns last weekend. I like him to go over 64 and a half rushing yards in the first game. Game number two, I'm gonna play the under in that matchup between the raiders and the cowboys. It's sitting at 51 right now. I think that's too high. I think it's too high. I could see the Raiders since the Raiders released Henry ruggs 16 points against the Giants. 14 points against the chiefs, 13 points against the bangles. Their averaging 326 yards per game. The offense has no pop anymore. They don't have rugs to stretch the field and open up Waller underneath. They have been pathetic on offense. Dallas is going to be without Amari Cooper, could be without like you mentioned CD lamb due to the concussion under his cash and four straight cowboys games. So I'm looking at under 51. Dallas might handle their end of the bargain. I'm not expecting a whole lot from the Raiders. In the night game, I'm looking at a couple things here. One prop that stands out to me is Josh Allen throwing an interception. It's minus one O 5. He's had an interception in four of his last 5 games. He's at an interception in four of 5 road games this year. You got the crowd noise. You got short week. You got the pressure to bounce back. New Orleans has 11 picks this year that's 8 most in the NFL. Allen's been forcing The Rock. He's regressed a little bit this season. That colts game was a disaster for him. And as he's feeling the pressure, you get this guy in a third and long. He feels like he has to make it all up with his arm. Sometimes he won't take what the defense gives him. I think he throws a pick in this game. When it comes to the game itself, I do lean to the under. I'll probably play under 46 points. Buffalo off a loss giving up just 9 points per game this season. I think you get a good defensive bounce back. I don't expect a whole lot from the saints offense, but I do think the bills offense could be limited because of the crowd noise the short week and a good saint's defense. So recapping the card real quick, Deandre swift over 64 and a half rush yards early. I leaned in a lion's plus three of golf plays. I like the Raiders cowboys going under 51. I like Josh Allen throwing at least one interception at minus one O 5 and under 46 points between the bills and the saints. All right, so no egg bowl for you. You know, the Lions. Do you want me to throw this? Sorry. I was going to say the lion's bears gains really interesting. Do you think the bears get the win? I am a little skeptical here. No, I don't. That's why I'm leading to the Lions. It boils plays. I'm not going to have anything on the side, but if golf plays, it's not. I mean, I think Dalton's a capable backup. But the thing with this is, I think the lions have known forever. This is the game they could win. The bears are a mess. That's my point.

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