Joe Biden Falls Asleep at Climate Summit as His Entire Agenda Collapses


Biden's agenda is collapsing. He's off so worried about climate change that he's falling asleep at a climate change summit. As my friend Mark Davis put it this morning, Biden was out for a good minute. He was gone. I've taken naps longer than he'd nodded off. And of course, the image of him sleeping in Scotland, you've heard of sleepless in Seattle, he is sleeping in Scotland because he's so worried about this existential crisis. You know, they gave him early on a talking point. And they said, sleepy Joe, you say over and over again, climate change is the biggest existential threat we face. Just say that a lot and it sounds good and will make for some good copy. He doesn't believe that. What you're so worried about climate change that you've passed out? It's nappy time. He doesn't believe that. He doesn't think we're all gonna die in the next three years because we don't have electric cars. He doesn't believe any of this. We don't have a leader. And today, in Virginia, if Glenn young is elected governor of Virginia, that will be such a devastating blow to the Democrats. That they are going to continue to spiral and frankly for the good of the country. It's what we

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