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Terp what we do we can take all of our interests and we weed out the the the worst twins and the best ones i think the middle you'd find some consistency but then you have excellent like this. Today are excellent for friday to. I mean we're putting in the yeoman's work here on a friday. Yeah gotta sailboat. Movie on a friday. i mean come on. Yeah we're doing. We're doing the lord's. Your lord's love sailing. Your big big sale sale boy big sailboats. Let the boat do the work. That's the trick. Okay okay okay. Homina sale sale is the hominem on sailor. Sail go go. Yeah the best of this. I was walking with my grandma across the street. And i said grandma look at that sale. Oh okay i know this okay. Sale the store buying something in the store sales france store. What street old yellows as well. It's actually chris sale pitch for the red right so you when you see him as you say. Look at that sale. Look at that sale. Interesting right awesome me. I didn't know that was one of the options. How does he say l. e. technically painted the trunk head son of just like history historian over again. It really is adam guys. I'm really excited. Talk about christmas sale. Would you boys. This has been a long time on time. come four years ago we set out. We said one day. We're going to review a christmas sale but movie and that day is today. I can't believe it this is it. We're signing off everybody exactly right. Hey boys. I'll be on for christmas movies. It's been out for a couple of weeks now. people. I mean really. Only a week enough people are going nuts about. Oh yeah. I got official word that barnes and noble on heywood road and the ad that greenville out and minutes minute. I don't know about the data penalty. Technically in miniature would referred. I dunno sold out from what it is. We we have confirmation. So we know of at least two barnes and nobles both had order more. Yeah so we'd love. If you made your barnes and noble sell out right that would be great and typically the only order. You know a few of tasks like we need more. That's right that's right. That's right So shots everybody. who's bought. The book left wonderful reviews on amazon and other sites that you can leave book to That means it means so much And i hope that you guys are using the book this holiday season. I hear from a lot of people that are like. I'm keeping it by my chair so i'll watch movies and could pull it up so cool to see that happen. So thank you to everybody for all the support And don't forget university homes coming up. holly box very excited about that. go ahead subscribe university officials snack over the holiday season as just a great a little a little snack box to keep by you at all times while you're watching these movies it gives you a little extra on a fun time. Fun on top of fun. It really is. It's the best fun it. You don't know what to get your relatives for for christmas. University homes is the easiest gift and they will love it. Guaranteed. it's fantastic. Can we do that. I can guarantee it. Wow there's something in that box for everybody. Come on you're gonna you're gonna like the way the boxy feel guaranteed. He is ready to talk about the christmas sale born ready. It's not christmas sale. It's christmas sale brin yeah. I'm sorry it's up disrespecting this movie. I get anyone more. Give me one more. Give you one more. What hung okay ceo again. Okay get this one okay. Hats for sale took. Okay yeah i don't have for sale. I guess you could say hats for sale. You would say hats for sailing right. If you're talking about the you would say you wouldn't say hats for sale. I think it's. I think i'm going with that picture again. But you're giving chris sale yup right this case we are both right. That's right. he's still hats just for chris sale. Yeah i love it. And do the nautical. I love it. You guys ready chris. Sale originally aired on all hallows eve. October thirty first movie last year for halloween. Cranberry chrysler christmas right. And i want to know something like this. The year is nineteen ninety. andy These two little kiddos take a picture with to Adults by boats. So you're pretty traditional christmas movie. We got to present day. And we meet liz who is One one of the low kids now all grown up. Congratulations as she has a job. She has a daughter named hannah and she just has good times good vibes. We then come back to town. Usa and we mean the other little kid that's all grown up. His name is luke Who still lives in town and likes to play chess with dennis. Who is liz's dad. Didn't grumpy guy since his wife passed away and doesn't have a great relationship with liz anymore. And he hates christmas But just because he's grumpy doesn't mean that he won't save a little kid from a falling. Christmas tree ended up breaking his arm. Because that's exactly what happens. Liz gets a call that you need to come and help them. Because of the armed break or some down such shows op. Luke is there waiting for her and gives her and hanauer ride to her dad's house and she hasn't been home for four years in shock to see that the annual christmas contest has a cash prize of twenty five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars. She was under the impression that tired for less. I mean he doesn't be retired seven. She's under the impression that her dad's sold the boat But see that it is still there and is not in very good shape But for she finds out that her dad is having to sell the house because he owes money to the bank. So she decides. I'm going to enter the contest. Try to win that twenty five k. scrooge dennis slowly. Let's guard down. Thanks a little. Hannah playing chess and being sweet and cute After some begging and pleading frank Name frank yeah. I guess so. No luke is frank. Luke agrees to help mean you're just it's it's been a struggle and we've got a lot of movies left in the tank. I'm night though. We got thirty two movies like this year. And that's just homework easy Luke agrees to help. Liz and hannah get the boat ready for the competition. They spend a lot of time on the boat fixing it up in decorating it and looking at photo albums and even ends up coming over for dinner and when they all show up for dinner they're shocked to see the dennis's decorated the house for christmas. Oh he's getting is getting light light on He wants to give anna a great christmas that night. Dennis shows lists old slides and pictures of her mother and the family and they finally talk about her mom and how much they both miss her. And it's a real mode after basically telling each other that they had crushes on each other in high school. Luke invites liz to the christmas ball. And they she's she's overdressed. We can all agree on that one. liz in luke slow dance and he tells liz that he loves her. Which is bold always has loved her and they have what some may call a kiss. I'm still unsure Luke is planning on moving in a absurd lucas planning To basically follow. Liz lists can come here and he just wants. You know which be together. And she's like listen. I got this whole life. And so i can't just pack up everything

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