A highlight from #192 Nick Howard: Founder of Poker Detox


As always, this is your host, the founder of CPG, coach Brad, Wilson, to today's guest is one of my top three favorite humans in the world of poker, the founder of poker detox and co host of the beyond poker podcast, Nick Howard. I'm not gonna do a lengthy intro for this one because you should already be pretty pumped up to listen, but if you aren't, I highly suggest you go back and listen to Nick and I's past conversations, including the detox file series as those shows are some of the most insightful and impactful episodes of CPG ever released. With that said today, Nick and I are going to talk about a wide range of topics, including my deep dive into trying to understand poker at its roots, a dissection of Nick's tweets that I personally found the most interesting and much, much more. So now without any further ado, I bring to you poker and high performance coach, podcaster and leader of human beings. Nick Howard. Nick Howard. How are you doing, sir? Hi Brad. Thanks for having me back. It's always my pleasure. It's been too long. It's been like trying to help. Gallo fund, and viney vidy, that's how long. Yeah, so at least 18 months. And definitely a lot has changed since then, but I guess we'll unpack that slowly. Sure. Well, we can start by unpacking it, one step at a time. What's been going on these last 18 months? Oh well, I'm a dad now for one. So there's that, it's been a huge transition. And I would say that it's kind of gone hand in hand with me stepping back from most of my duties at detox CFP. I guess they just sort of go together in that way. Like I literally couldn't be doing as much as I used to be, but at the same time, I had some of the better players from the team step up and take responsibility in officer roles, which was really nice and allowed me to delegate a ton. So I feel like that project to see if P project is sort of where I always hoped it could be without me. And that sort of led into another stage of personal development, which was learning how to not do as much. Harder than it seems apparently for someone like me. I think that was I feel that. Might have been something that we had just touched based on, I don't know, maybe toward the beginning of the year, you would ask me to come on the show and I initially accept and then I had the message you back and be like, I'm dealing with too much stuff right now and it wasn't even that I had too much to do. It was I was really having a difficult time not doing anything at all. It's very backwards. What do you mean by that? Like, not doing anything at all. When you're a high performer or an overachiever type a choose whatever label you want there it's typically the hardest thing to do to stop working out. I hear this a lot with the metaphor of Olympic athletes. That's why I use that term working out. We're like, they're training training training and the thing that is the hardest to get the Olympic athletes to do is to get them to rest. So I had a pretty difficult bout with that initially. There was a couple of things attached to it as I'm not really used to having to depend on anyone. It's kind of like an armor that I had built up along the way, which was probably my advantage. But then when you do delegate and it's time to step back and enjoy the fruits of building a company, it can pose some difficulties for sure. So there was a decent amount of development that occurred during that stage just in terms of trusting and releasing off of something that I had become quite attached to. Let's go back a little bit and talk about this kid thing. So where's the kid come from? You just find it on the street. How did you become a dad Nick Howard in the past 18 months? Oh, the baby. I thought you were going to go super super psychology on me and ask me where did my inner child come from? No, no, the actual literal child. Yeah, so it was extremely it was an extremely accelerated fatherhood, I guess. I met a girl through one of my best Friends. Back in September of last year, just random party didn't really keep in touch. Definitely liked her, but we didn't really get a chance to connect. And then I had another Christmas event where she was there again. We really hit it off. Started dating. Got pretty serious. Got very serious. That I ended up moving to LA for 6 months and I think February. I was in Dallas before that.

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