A highlight from SEASON 4 KICKOFF!!!

Deck The Hallmark


Sure game on here's the kickoff. Hope you're not sick of the home dark. We've got bukusu information. And i'm brand and i could not be more excited. Despite the lack of knowledge. I currently have upon this recording of what we are doing but i i love it. I love homer christmas movies. Hey is really don't know what's happening right now. Just showed up here pretty excited about it. I think i'm gonna really like what's happening. I do like hallmark christmas movies. I'm dan i'm here to tell you knows more than both of us to and i despise christmas movies and this is the hallmark podcast cases. Wow so long. Term listens remote that even in two thousand eighteen. We had an hour and a half long kickoff episode's with a bunch of stars even when nobody knew it jen lilley was on our first one hundred eighteen. And we've been doing that every year to traditional like any other eighteen nineteen twenty so our forth kickoff episode ever. we got the stars lined up this agenda. Is you get the agenda is. I'm surprised by how much we're able to cram into the next little bit. Yeah ninety to one hundred twenty minutes. I don't know if that's going to handle we have split up into two episodes like the best of. Yeah yeah no. that's true. The bummer though is i'm just hearing in my ear. Our skype computer crashed. We have a computer just for skype. Yes on us detroit's trace lose all the files just be honest. Lost all the files. Oh no you know what wild. As as much as i hate preview episodes where we go over twelve movies and we give it stars and moguls and creams and squirts pumps and everything you know. Slosh year there i. I will say that having kickoff special the day before our marathon and the day that the first movie comes out where we literally have nothing to talk about. I am one hundred percent in four interest. This could go every which way but loose you. What's going to happen here. Yes every which way but loose. It's a movie. I wanted to be clear on a monkey. You've done multiple preview episodes for other channels or entities. Right because there's a lot more information could do more for lifetime net flicks up gac any of them than hallmark which this this is true upon this recording Gac has announced just as many christmas movies as homework has bunkers twelfth bonkers. That's where we are. Let me ask you this. Why has homework like this. Seems like they are dropping. The ball royal. This seems like it's a publicity. Misstep right is very interesting. move somebody in. The brass hallmark is either going to bed knowing the full plan every night and just laughing that everyone's guessing and worried about or going to bed going. We got to figure this out by tomorrow tomorrow. I want everyone to know this. I am actively working on finding the answer to this question. You're you're hitting all. I am doing everything that i can. I and hopefully we will be able to bring this to light and we can talk about this figure this out together. The last we heard last you heard from your sources was. It was a nasa issue correct. It was a big message. Which is why you rapid huge now. Yeah i mean yeah trying to sway him now sir okay schedule. No go movies Don't know what you say. Hello to the long form

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