Dr. Steven Quay Says Wuhan Lab Working With Deadlier Virus With Potential 80% Lethality


When it welcome to the show doctor Steven cue doctor thanks for joining us We appreciate it Oh it's great to be here Dan Thank you for having me Sure So doctor I watched your interview with rapt attention on Martha maccallum you apparently have some experience with the Wuhan lab have written about it I read you're up and The Wall Street Journal And there were a couple of things you had said in the interview one of them you had mentioned is that there was some evidence of either fragments and correct me if I'm wrong or sequences of other viruses in one of these labs and one of them was a virus called nipah which when I looked it up I was pretty frightened I mean I don't do you know fear porn like some other outlets I like honestly in science but that sounds kind of worrisome to me Why would this Wuhan lab have a deadly virus like that and why would they be manipulating it and could that affect us here Yes unfortunately everything you said is correct So the Wuhan institute of virology not coronaviruses So yes what we found was that in December 2019 samples from patients got sent from a hospital in Wuhan to the Wuhan institute of virology and put on a machine to sequence what viruses the patients had These machines can get contaminated however with background work that's going on in the laboratory We identify that the nipah virus is being manipulated through a process called synthetic biology in the laboratory right now This is where SARS CoV-2 was probably two years in 2018 2019 So this is very serious Because as you know this virus is 80 to 90% lethal as opposed to the 1% plus or minus that SARS CoV-2 is So we really need to stop this activity now and get Congress and whatever group is can get behind us to

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