The Problem With Carbon Offsets

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Week with flight shamed growing in popularity extreme weather intensifying and the amazon in flames. There's more demand than ever for carbon offsets to switch guilt and make us feel like we're doing something anything but those credits may not be doing what you think they are or in some cases doing anything at all. We are digging into the complicated and frustrating world of carbon offsets. There's a reason why even the united nations is now calling out there limitations then new climate plans from bernie sanders andrew young days after jay inslee leaves the race what's in them and who will become the climate candidate finally we dig into a bill from ohio that bails out big utilities and guts clean energy. The politics of this thing are ugly ugly and they are only getting uglier back in washington d._c. This week is catherine hamilton our co host and chair of thirty nor solutions from the lake house to the house of representatives representatives. How much anxiety are you feeling being back in the nation's capital after a few weeks vacation well luckily congress is still out but i will tell you the drive drive down from being in the mountains and super remote for like almost an entire month's <hes> even my dog was completely stressed. She's like what are all these cars cars and people doing here back from his own trip <hes> who knows what kind of shock he's feeling just in bethesda maryland outside of d._c. See jigger shaw. He's the president of generate capital jigger. Are you feeling <hes> <hes> sense of shock after your iceland trip coming back to the united states now. Are you kidding me. It's always good to come back home. What was your favorite thing about iceland well. I have to say the the beauty of iceland even though they really hype it up. It's still far exceeds the hype. It's really a beautiful place in my sister. Is there now with her. Kids and the pictures is posting on instagram or unbelievable volt jaeger. Yeah i mean and you can really get right up close like my three and a half year old. We walked behind a waterfall and we're a climbing boulders near the beach. I mean it really is is all the things that you'd want it to be more. Did you go see that memorial for the glacier. I think a couple of weeks ago they put that up did you you todd on social media i did so there was somebody who was commenting in the bar that i was in that was like walking by and it was she was walking being like i think it was like fifty feet from where we were staying so i just mr so. I don't want to put you both on the spot but i'm going to did either of you. Buy carbon offsets for you travel. Hell no oh why not because. I know what they get used for. No i have a i have a hybrid and i was just busy trying to hyper mile yeah you. You're you're the point source. Technology is most important well. We are going to unpack what is behind them and why i you may have some doubts next time you go to press that button when you buy your your flight and try to offset your travel with some carbon offsets but a a lot of people don't realize the darker side of carbon offsets. A bunch of things

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