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Okay we let jack be the clown of the joker for a little bit and then we pass it on heated it so oh good and then they were looking at the list of all the actors that are off fuck pick this up. If we're gonna get to everybody i will. Let's say joaquin phoenix wrote the essay about why he should be the next clown and so he did a three thousand word essay and it was perfect. No more no less was right added three thousand words and he even drew similar stations and that really helps my brother my brother joker watch yeah. Hey my name's james. Just macaroni travis niagara joker watched my brother and my brothers jeff watch but the thing the thing that i wanted to say about new joker trailer is how not one good joe gin. It doesn't seem funny. It's a laugh. It's about a clown who usually does japes find a you see this man. He just seems english seems hurtful and there's a scene in a subway. Were a bunch of clowns are hurting. A guy and it's like right is that what is this that jackass humor because i thought we were we were done with that. I want to suggest that at this point it would actually be more subversive and interesting if a clown was funny yeah give a clown jokes and was funny. That would actually be more original an idea than the spooky okay. Here's my pitch for an origin movie for the joker. It's gonna be it's gonna be like an hour and forty five minutes long right one hundred five minutes and for <hes>. Let's say hundred three minutes. He is just a hilarious effective clown right in the last two minutes. He just likes is denver's that goes humility camila big. I'm going to start dealing crime row credits. That's pretty good. We could just take the or reverse that shit end of the dark knight heath chief ledgers joker we'd like c._g._i. Or whatever so that at the very end the climax the two boats don't explode or whatever and

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