United States v. Kwame Kilpatrick



In their witness their c._p._a. Bursts out laughing and says not even close and and everyone in the courtroom percent lance everyone except kwame kilpatrick. The jurors are laughing. Every reporters in the gallery are laughing at it was just absolutely ridiculous next assistant u._s. Attorney marchenko moved onto the bigger allegations like kwami taking bribes for cd contracts the detroit water and sewage department. <hes> was where all the money could be found. He was the third largest water and sewage department in in the united states and <hes> the mayor and his buddies figured out this is where the money was to be had and so that's where we took the trial next was basically below the street level into the sewers chuck. Oh told the jury about bernard kilpatrick shakedown of in executive from a big sludge processing company which the f._b._i. Had caught on a wire in november. Nobody on attack on smaller

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