Why Metabolism Declines With Age (And How to Reverse It!)


At blog at l._A.. Fitness Dot Com so what is metabolism exactly well scientifically. You'd call it collectively all the chemical reactions that take place in the body so a metabolic rate would be the rate at which it you those processes are happening so we in terms of what someone would equate that to would be like in calories per day we think of a metabolic rate as calories per day but there are components of it. It's a breakdown are you. I'm curious to know what those are. The biggest one is called resting metabolic rate and so that is just as we're doing here. We are awake and we're sitting so that is all the energy you need to breathe your heart to go <hes> organs to function and to be awake if if you were you know comatose we'd call it basil but really everybody's pretty much awake during the day so we call that resting and that comprises <music> at least seventy percent of your total energy output then there's about a quarter and had various per person but as about a quarter that is the <hes> physical activity component and just because you spend and thirty minute walking and I walk with you for thirty minutes. WE'RE GONNA burn different calories so that varies by person because of their body composition and training level and etc and then there's this tiny little sliver called called and you'll like this. I'm curious mic effective food so there's an actual energy cost to breaking down of processing digesting transporting up taking that your food so if you've ever heard that Oh celery is negative calories. That's the concept that it comes from is like for the three calories. You've got nets talk. You actually live hinder. Bring you down so their components to metabolism cabbalism <hes>. There's three main components right. Isn't that kind of work coury comes from like the that's how they determine how many calories are in food. They will have to look Bernard or something they basically to see how much energy we do. We need to expend to break this thing down Tom exactly and and even the term calorie has to do with heat generation right yeah go into the definition. Don't ask interesting well. At what age does metabolism start slowing down. I've already passed that point is it starts at about thirty but I'd say that it becomes more evidence probably <hes> for women at around fifty in fermented like forty okay so give or take obviously for for different the people it's going to be at different times. Are there ways to reverse that or like. Stop it from happening. You can tell Kansas has been thinking about this for a couple of weeks. You have a birthday recently trying a to stop the aging process in general Debbie. Most of the decline that that comes with age actually has to do with a decline in lean body mass so <hes> the weight gain that people see Middle Age has less to do with the decrease in their metabolism and probably just more to do with sedentary lifestyle and getting too many calories for where they're at okay so that's why it kind of gets. More important that you do start finding ways to exercise the older you get and not just exercise because sometimes that you know the whole concept of okay get my shoes on. Get this special outfit on can sweat in and then spend the specific amount of time in a specific place doing a certain thing. It's physical activity so if I thought if I added up all the things I did when I was young I go. I go to the dog park. I watched my dog. I run with him. Sometimes from end to end I see the other dog parents and they're sitting in the Shays as they're looking at their cell phones I go to the playground at the park and it's the same thing you know. All these kids are climbing on the structures in the running around there giggling and their tagging and the parents are watching so I think we become very much <unk> spectators as we get older and just less participating in physical activity. Oh man that cut deep is like spectators in life. You'll participate in life. Never stolen pass you by Wynn is the last time when the last time you you wrote a bike or walked to the grocery store. Well I get to items that you could carry. I talked to the grocery store almost on a daily basis good for you good for you can't as well tasers. There's this elderly gentleman in my neighborhood that I see of religiously on on a daily basis. He looks like a sweet little Frenchman with his cap and he carries his bag. You know that he gets every day. He's lean you know now. He's he's not a pat on any extra pounds there and I think you know the nature of US driving everywhere contributes not that affects your metabolic rate. I'm just saying that the lack of physical activity as we age compounds pounds the fact that we have less lean body mass and we're not using that quarter of our capacity to affect our calorie burn right so are there ways that you can help increase your metabolism just kind of physical activity well and physical activities the best one because if we say it's the metabolism is all the chemical reactions going on so then you want to build more muscle and you went to burn more fuel so really really what are the two things oh well that's resistance exercise to build muscle and it's the cardio or endurance type exercise to burn more fat. Those are really the big primary things <hes> in order to retain lean body mass and keep your metabolism up and having more muscle on your body you'll just start burning more calories at rest right and so little bit yes it's less than you would think and I don't mean to Papu anybody's you know strength training goals a but when they actually equate the amount of calories burned per pound okay gaining five pounds of muscle is like burning fifty calories a day right another fifty okay oh well if I eat twenty I five hundred fifties like a dry and it's not much but if you were to stop eating something that had fifty calories of value every day I don't know like two pieces of candy or something then after a year you drop five pounds. Fifty calories now makes oh yeah if I could save myself five pounds a year. That would be great. You know it's interesting with metabolism. It makes me like the human body is amazing like I've read about some things where you can over the course of the year. Our bodies are so good at kind of just understanding what we really need I guess and so sometimes you can be within like maybe only gain like a pound but that could be like thirty five hundred calories off or something of what you're you. You really needed that year technically and it seems like it's so amazing over the distance of time like how we kind of naturally equilibrate that way so I could see like we're fifty calories with some extra muscle could make a difference when it's compounded like that and if you have more fat mass it does not play as well. No <hes> fat is metabolic -Ly Different. You know it's not it's not being contracted like skeletal muscle and your body wants to as you said have more homeo- stays ace it wants. It almost wants to stay where it's at so if you've gained ten fifteen twenty pounds over the last couple of decades well your body now wants to maintain where it's at now present rain not where you were and so that I think in fact makes it. Harder tougher keeping keeping weight gain at bay or trying to lose weight once. You've got it right yeah right so it's probably better if you can catch it early start early. Now that you know around what would you say thirty search to slow down so knowing like okay when you get into that mode like bone. Is that the same with bone health to like it starts to peak bone mass is probably in your late twenties or by the time you're thirtyish then really what we're all doing is is trying to forestall the rate of bone loss from getting you know to osteoporotic levels and in your bones you've always got building and breaking down going on so you're just trying to keep that building ahead of the breakdown right right so just try and catch it early jump into the gym early start eating better earlier yeah. That's the idea is there even a way to measure your metabolism. It doesn't seem as simple as like stubby on the scale to measure you know your weight or B._M._i.. It's impossible and like like is that something important that people should know well. There's a couple of different ways to do it but I think if someone needs to count calories if they just don't have an idea or there's a certain plan they WANNA fall. It's a certain calorie level. Yes you could approximate it with an equation. There's a couple you know scientifically valid equate equations like Mifflin Saint Joe or Iron Jones and they take your age your gender your height your body weight and then on top top of that. You're adding your physical activity. Those even have some variants and margins of error like fifteen percent <hes> but you could get it measured by like you said Andrew <hes> calories and food. That's burning it so so we call that a calorie meter chamber so indirect Calorie Mitri <hes> is one way to measure a metabolism or incentives barometer die said that right incentive speranza train. Oh Yeah so basically you you could do something but it's like breathing into a snorkel and it's not very or the I've read about. There's some like intense ones where you're like in a room for like a day or something and they're like pulling the I like not pulling the oxygen. That sounds terrible but it's it's. It's a very clinical medical thing but it's like it's not gonNA walk in and do a laboratory coach at cal State Long Beach because you were doing some plenty the of something and I even sat in one of those body composition egg chambers forgot the name of at this point sorry but <hes> you know the laboratory setting is really need but it's not practical hydrostatics wing in dunk tank. When's the last time I actually physically saw a dunk tank right now right and do you even need to be that precise with your again? Only if you're going to have a caloric value of what you're eating to match it with right so <hes> if you've been gaining weight or you want to prevent weight gain than burn more calories and eat less right and if for some reason someone is like wow I just can't keep up my you know I keep losing weight or you know I still am so thin then. It's like your need to on more of what you eat counting. Them is just labeling it. I mean it doesn't right. It's always one of those two factors either. You're not burning enough or you're not or you're not you're eating too much or it's the opposite doc yeah. Are there certain foods that can help with this with with speeding up your metabolism in the short term. There are some that can affect your your energy burn for the day. They're not going to hit hit or make a dent in that that long term the bulk of your resting metabolic rate that's part of kind of who you are <hes> but we know that <hes> like Green Tea <hes> hot chili peppers some things like eggs is our beings ginger cold ice cold water the kind of like the digestion of the salary when we talked about <hes> warming up the water to room temperature costs you know is a as a clerk cost. You take energy to do that so if you cold water your body needs to. Hey I gotta heat this up. He's energy to do it yeah right so drink. A couple leaders cold water with ice cream. It's like oh it's so it sure does what about what about green tea ice train to get deficient metabolism. You also have to have an adequate amount of the B. Vitamins because those are actually within the reactions that that process. Is the food and turn it into energy for your for your muscle cells and so forth so you're you're B vitamins like firemen and Riboflavin and <hes> paradox scene which is B.. Six so the multi I think that <hes> candice asked me about off air and and getting good sources of your B. Vitamins to keep that metabolism converging happening. I gotta say Riboflavin is one of my favorite words of all. I always loved that word. I don't really know what it

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