Lonzo Ball shows off his new incredibly detailed tattoo sleeve


Lonzo ball and no longer laker he's down in new orleans part of the big trade but <hes> making some news this week not so much for anything. He's doing but for what he has had done to him. If you haven't seen it it's all over the the internet internet. Lonzo got a sleeve arm sleeve left arm of great kind of <hes> likenesses of historic figures in the african american light. You know these transcendent figures. It's martin luther king junior. It's malcolm x. It's barack bama harriet tubman rosa parks and jackie robinson. You can go look this tweeted out of camp brothers. This is the most stunning tattoo i've ever seen not just not just for the the the the striking but like the quality of it. It is incredibly some of the best best tattoo artwork when you really think about tattooing as art. This is some of the best art work done in this form. I've ever seen scene. It's like i don't under- by st no exaggeration at st butcher tattoos guy named steve butcher. You guys are going to have on yes right coming up tomorrow. He is based on a corona. He's he'll come on tomorrow. Four forty men today's his birthday happy birthday. He's gonna come on today what he's doing other things. He's gonna get a a lot of publicity on his birthday bissau's magic johnson now we did a list of the best tattoos on lonzo ball's body trying to figure out who would be i it would be nickel but it's the will depend. Is it alphabetical well first name or last night. If magic did it for his name yeah magic name yes which is the unconventional way of doing it on top of the unconventional album barack obama yes number one rock will be i <hes> and then you know i'm not doing this. Lebron won every here number two too but i mean this is. This is amazing but like i just the one question when i saw this was i i feel like we are a nation of generally ignorant. People like everyone and like i the pressure to feel like okay. I know my stuff when you're putting these these people on your arm. When you're putting jackie robinson rosa parks malcolm x martin luther king junior barack obama harriet tubman like i love the sentiment behind it but you gotta know your history. You gotta know who these people. I don't know if i agree with that. I feel like oh no see. I disagree with that. You should know but i feel like once you put that on your arm and you go that far out of your way to put that on your arm. Everybody actually assumes that you know if anything anything you just the average person is gonna feel incredibly investment cover up your ignorant. The average person now is going to feel incredibly intimidated intimidated around lonzo to make sure they know their stuff like your going to be the one that feels the pressure to be able to talk about black. So what are you saying. Brian k af via lonzo has martin luther king on his arm you saying he has to go all the m._l._k. Parades from now on you go to whatever the you want the job. I'm just saying like i would feel this enormous pressure to really like unless you gotta understand who these people are and what they did know your history. You told calling me a story about a personal reality. Show wondered how they got the trains underground for harry thomas.

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