Female humanitarians sacrifice a lot to help others, insists top UN official

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This is matt wells u._n. News well the work of female humanitarian is hugely important and often comes at significant personal cost. That's according into melissa fleming currently the communications chief for refugee agency u._n._h._c._r. but soon to take up her new post as head of global communications at the u._n. Who's been speaking talking to you and uses daniel johnson at a special world humanitarian day event in geneva. I i will hear from adiba cassim who was also at the event. She survived an eyesore missile massacre in iraq in two thousand fourteen that claimed the lives of seventy family members despite the trauma she refuses to see herself as a victim and is now a human human rights advocates. I always refusing to be a victim. I always wanted to act. I always wanted to be there for the others because as i mentioned we have so many victims and i think we need leaders. I now know more victims. This is what i'm saying always so but then he being in europe. I think people don't understand i think people are you know. They don't understand what the woman any other countries are going through. So what i'm doing here is to make them understand is to push him always to shake them to understand what is happening with the other woman and to stand with him. That's that's very important me when i was in iraq in this situation i wanted. I want to someone hilton from somebody else to come on to to just to support me to stand with me to do something even if small you're smiling but are you really seeing action on the level. Obviously everyone's very impatient. I always smile. I've been always positive and you know why because i lost everything and in a moment i just that i have no more to lose. Maybe i could just turn over to melissa melissa fleming. You'll with the refugee. Agency also the newly appointed head of <hes> depa- i'm to global communications. You've got twenty five years of experience. I don't need to remind you today's world humanitarian day. What is it that women particularly bring to the humanitarian sphere well. All of the victims of war are women and sometimes it's most depending on the war and it's a particular victimization that women go through awesome rape as a weapon of war rampant and we need women humanitarian who will provide that kind of trusted space for those women who managed to escape in order to recover you know i can't say that the women humanitarian i know are more dedicated than the men humanitarian i know. I think they're all remarkable. Human beings who sacrifice a lot for the cause of humanity but the women <hes> some how often i believe sacrificed actress more because first of all when they go to war zones. They are unable to take their children with them. Society icty judges them for that. They don't judge the men for doing that. They're very often juggling. Both the families back home. The children are being taken care of by someone else. They're worrying in constantly and yet they're continuing to serve so in a way you know until we have the real true equality where women and men are adjudged the same way. I think it will be more difficult for women in this profession but i think one advantage that women do have is in the field of mental health <hes>. This is just my assumption anecdotally. I think they're more in touch when they're traumatized and are more willing to seek help.

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