The NFL's best and worst offensive arsenals: Barnwell's 32-1 ranking


Barnwell writes these very lengthy pieces on E._S._p._N.. Dot Com and he wrote a piece that that came out early this morning ranking the N._F._L.'s. Goals offensive arsenals thirty two worst all the way to number one <hes> and basically you know he's considering how the players that the teams have will perform in twenty nineteen. He's not necessarily really just basing it off of recent <hes> recent performance. He's he's he's guessing on what you know. It will be in two thousand nineteen any says also that the as as a preface it with a lengthy the preview before he started ranking them of course in love with is that the arsenals are weighted <hes> the arsenal rankings are weighted more towards receivers than tight ends or running backs <hes> any says also the top elite level talent wins out over depth anyway the rankings start with the thirty second ranked offense of Arsenal Jacksonville Bennett's Denver Miami Seattle and then the Redskins so the redskins have the fifth worst offensive offensive arsenal in the N._F._l.. According to a bill barnwell any rights the investments Washington is made it wide receiver haven't worked out former former seahawks wide out Paul Richardson signed to a five year forty million dollar deal wasn't healthy and Seattle and cautious watches twenty passes in seven games last season former first rounder. Josh DACHSHUND hasn't developed in Washington. Just decline the fifth year option on Dachshund Jamison crowder left the jets <hes> mister relevant Trey Quinn will be as replacement Jay Gruden gruden drafted Terry maclaurin in the third round but there but is there any reason to think Washington is going to start developing whiteouts effectively. This is likely the league's worst group of starting wide receivers while that's the kind those kind the tools you wanNA put around a rookie quarterback and you know the funny thing is according to warn sharp. This is the most expensive offense in the N._F._l.. This mostly costly offense. Well take the field the N._F._l.. Because of the Investment Alex Smith and you know that is not going to write to pay off <hes> yes so I mean again another reason why you you WanNa put this on this limited offense in the hands hands of a quarterback who understands limitations in that case keenum. It's Cole McCoy too but I'm going to operate on the assumption that cultures isn't going to stay healthy so <hes> that's case keenum you don't want to <hes> experiment and test out a rookie <hes> with these with these kind of weapons <hes> especially if you're Jay Gruden and you know you have the expectation or the hope and we're assuming he does is of of having team good enough for him to remain as head coach. You know what's interesting. I was thinking about this as I was reading this early this morning. <hes> that the redskins according to Barnwell look I mean I don't know if it's the worst it's certainly among the five for six worst greg in a starting wide receiver groups and the N._F._l.. And we we know that you know in terms of offensive weapons they don't have much. I mean you have to pray. The Jordan Reed comes back plays thirteen games in his Jordan Jordan Reed again. You got to hope that Chris Thompson is a weapon out of the backfield. The dairy skies pays off as a second round pick and turns into a a guy that with Adrian Peterson is a big time back that that that <hes> Vernon Davis continues to be effective in it somebody somebody whether it's Richardson Dachshund or Harmon or maclaurin. Somebody steps up you.

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