New Orleans braces for Tropical Storm Barry


Good evening I'm Jim Axelrod late today hurricane watches became more urgent hurricane warnings as evacuations began along the Gulf coast of Louisiana tropical storm Barry could become hurricane Barry before making landfall tomorrow night or Saturday astronauts aboard the space station posted this ominous view of the storm it is now gaining strength in the Gulf this thread is torrential rain as much as two feet in Worland and parts of Mississippi now we're gonna start tonight with Lonnie Quinn chief weathercaster WCBS TV in New York Lonnie what is it looking like for landfall well it's gonna be borderline whether it's our hurricane or not and it's funny we all get tied into we get wrapped up with the wind speed because the wispy dictates whether to hurricane or not it may be a strong top perhaps we'll sort it may be a low grade her her cat one hurricane water makers me a lot of rain associate with this I hear the lease information from the national hurricane center you've got a storm this forty mile per hour winds so just barely a tropical storm for that matter but ninety miles from the south Mississippi River but as it pushes to the west in the ventricles up to the north we think should be making landfall sometime in the late Friday be early Saturday is it a hurricane is a tropical storm we shouldn't be him just tied up into that entirely because it's more the water look at the amount of rain now watch for the white to follow up on the screen here we go by the way is showing you anywhere from Haysbert does in Orleans that's a foot of rain right there now if you take a look at this aeration in black that's one to two feet of rain in this let's make a shift of about fifty miles for that to be right on top of New Orleans big problems there right now even the track of the storm as it pushes off to the west weather makes a landfall whether it doesn't it's gonna be churning and Pushin water on shore those big numbers that I just showed you enough fresh water rain this is now storm surge the combination could be a real problem for the New Orleans area the by you of Louisiana could be in for some tough times I think it's on Friday night into Saturday the first half of the day watch all this

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