Industry insiders anticipate 400,000 to 500,000 viewers for AEW's television premiere on TNT

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And center on that poster no cody Rhodes and listen in the world of pro wrestling cody Rhodes is a huge name is cody Rhodes roads big enough to be in the middle of that poster he would be my third choice based on name notoriety around the world okay now with Evolution Youth Movement you one avenue superstars and he's going to be our guest today at ten A._M.. With hangman page be the right person to put in the middle of that poster no so it really does come down to Moxley and Chris Jericho and again. It falls into that same thing that you're talking about two former W._W._e.. Superstars does the poster give you the feeling or insinuate that Jericho is the biggest star in the company. Yes or just asking your opinion on it. I'm not saying that I like it or don't like it. I just found it interesting. That Jericho is the middle of the crash. You know the middle of the poster basically subconsciously tells tells you is. This is the guy all right so the poster tells you Jericho is the guy the perception is Jericho. The Guy is the guy let me ask you is Jericho the guy if somebody was to come up to you boy and say who's the biggest superstar superstar that a e w has what would your answer be. It's gotta be tied of me. Between Jericho and Moxley see I would probably go with Jericho. It's the only reason I'm saying Moxie is because of that that that new passion and excitement that he brings to the company Jericho's been around much longer than Moxley Jericho without doubt known all over the world. You know what in talking about it with you. Yeah you gotta go with Jerry. It is it is the answer Moxley I guess is the freshest steam to the company. Yeah and again deserves to be on the poster. I just don't know if he should be a front and center interesting thing to this press release. There was a big article in Forbes magazine and it says that industry insiders are anticipating an audience of around four hundred to five hundred thousand thousand for A._W._S.. Television Premiere on T._N._T.. Interesting number because we talk about the low ratings for the W._W._e.. But obviously those numbers would be much lower than you see on raw and smackdown but there's an upside because that's telling you that the industry insiders aren't expecting a huge audience for a w so that's going to be to their advantage because if they do fall in between that four hundred five hundred number it's going to be hey. This is what was expected. This is is what we thought was going to happen. I think they have a really good chance of getting a higher number then that here's an interesting comparison whenever I throw those polls up on social media at the end of Monday night raw or the end of W._W._e.. Pay Per view. I normally get between ten thousand and fifteen thousand responses or votes on the poll for the W poll. I got just over five thousand responses us which which kind of is comparative to what you just said about what industry insiders predict. I actually think that's on the low side but then again I thought raw would do a bigger rating with the returning in legends and you hit you dead on balls accurate you said about three million and you're right man is it's five hundred thousand viewers four H.. Brand new wrestling company meet with major starpower major money major production value behind it on an easily accessible network like T._N._t.. Is that a good number. I think it is and here's why Bali other than N._B._A.. Basketball Basketball could you name me anything. That's on T._N._T.. Yet but you put if you have T._N._T.. And if this is advertised the correct way before October second comes out. You're going to drive people to T._N._T.. So it's not about what's on T._N._T.. If there's nothing on T._N._T.. That I WANNA see then I'm not tuning into T._N._T.. But if I have this brand new wrestling company with Chris Jericho and and Moxley and the bucks and cody and Omega and this big production value and Yada Yada Yada why wouldn't I turn well but here's the thing you mentioned the raw reunion on Monday and we're expecting a big pop because they're having all these return superstars and it did for you know not as big as you thought it was going to be but it was a decent pop for Monday show when they're looking at e w they're looking at it completely different way. Here's a new company with a roster with names that a lot of people people are not going to be familiar about scenario looking at this as we're going to start off alot and it's going to build as time goes on. I don't think they're looking at this like the way we looked at raw reunion. Put It on Youtube. POP PEOPLE ARE GONNA be into it too probably thinking that hey maybe ill gain some curiosity that people tune into start but they're hoping in time that that number is GONNA get bigger. Do you think a e w will go fishing in the W._W._e.. Pool meaning do you think they will put ads for the first Wednesday night show on Monday night raw and smackdown if they were smart they would so when you take a look social media presence when you take a look at the fact that they advertised shows on T._N._T.. During Basketball Games I'm sure they're going to have a full media blitz leaving leading up to October second

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