Should Man United sell Lukaku?



Start though with power Mancini detainee who is with us to talk about a lot of transfer activists in a lot of speculation sunny about it in Italy at the moment strike is very much at the forefront of it and <hes>. Let's start off with Lukaku because it's interesting because it seems to be only Italian sides are interested in the Manchester United striker if they not seen him play <hes> over the last couple of years at Old Trafford well. I think they have seen him play. I mean this whole interest interest in new caucus starts dantonio contact Khantay very specifically had an interest in him and it was him who is driving that <hes> interest from inter <hes> and <hes> and and he obviously didn't see him up close for season playing as a as a rival in the premier league. I think that he fits a certain all the player that is within in the Antonio Conte. We'll have someone who is hard working. Someone who is willing despite his position as a number nine put himself at the service of team and I think that ah the avensis interest come later is perhaps impart inspired by that perhaps impa seeing a rival going after a player and seeing that the opportunity to beat them to something but I think again it's it's a situation that slightly born out of just the circumstances they find themselves in eventers assistive got a couple too many center forwards right now and therefore looking to move some off the books and looking to create a Pusan Anzac rates some Prophet as they go <hes> how did is one of the most valuable assets they have at the moment and they haven't found someone would come in with the big cash offer for him now. Lukaku is is <hes> yeah. There's a lot of events fans disagreed very strongly with having an interest in shopping for him but I can at least see the argument for it. I think people think of Ebola's a young player with potential. He's actually six months younger than new Kaku. They're both twenty six years old so there's not there's not a lot between him and agent someone who you think well. Maybe we can get some some white him. You know I understand the reservations about Luke. Oh I do but I do think that he gets a little bit excessive bad press sometimes in England personally I mean somebody only score double figures every season since two thousand twelve I believe I think only hurricane and Sergio school goals in the Premier League since two thousand twelve. Even Lukaku has about three times sisters Katie not time as well so look. I understand again. Why some people on an island with him? He hasn't lived up to what people thought he was going to be my chest united but I think this idea that he's he's rubbish is quite very

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