Congo Official Says 2nd Ebola Victim in Goma Has Died

UN News


U N officials tasked with controlling the Ebola outbreak in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo or Oh d._R._C. have responded to choose as confirmation of a second case of Ebola in Goma a major trading town near the border with neighboring Rwanda which resulted resulted in the death of the patient on Wednesday David Gresley the U._N.. Ebola Emergency Response Coordinator Calling for a strong resilient health system to avoid a resurgence of the disease in D._R._C.. The senior officials stated that there is no evidence that the the second case in Goma is linked to the first confirmed case speaking at a W._H._o.. Press Conference Dokes Michael Ryan the head of the agency's health emergencies emergencies program explain why it was important to investigate when the latest victim became infected establishing when he became sick also allows us is to establish whether he may have been exposed. We triangulate that with his geographic location at that time we have more information whereas potential exposures were will be based on the follow up investigations today that we'll be able to get more precise on this potential exposures but at this point we have no specific information regarding Bullock Ace

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