Hurricane Dorian stalls off Florida coast


Hurricane Dorian is now a category two storm with maximum sustained winds of a hundred and ten miles per hour it is a hundred and five miles east of fort Pierce it's expected to turn north sometime tomorrow and then continue to head up the Florida coast to Georgia and the Carolinas for the first time in like twelve hours is not Stolar stationary anymore we are drifting at one mile per hour from here on out does it begin this lowly egg salary the official forecast still calls for Dorian center to stay off shore but it'll only take a small wobble for Florida to experience more of Dorians worst the storm made landfall in the Bahamas on Sunday and it's been parked over the islands ever since at least five people have been reported dead we do know that not interest but of rain fell in some areas other Bahamian prime minister telling me he's incredibly concerned about the flooding in days to come simply because of how slow moving a storm door

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