Rooster ‘Was Just Being Himself’: Court Rules He Can Keep Crowing

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I cannot tell you how long i've waited for this day. Finally the verdict is in on the surface. This trial was about a noise disturbance but it's become about so much more urban ization cultural heritage farm animals the world sir birnbaum tells us about a case from a small village in western france. There are so many things about a trial that can seize public imagination tense cross examinations the nation's you want answers. I think i'm entitled to handle the truth. Slam dunk expert testimonies. There is is no way that these tire marks were made by sixty four buick skylark. These marks were made by a nineteen sixty. Three pontiac tempest stunning courtroom confessions me shoot him through the door but with the draw in this particular case was the sympathetic defendant maurice the rooster maurice didn't take the stand but he was at at the center of this case. Maria was accused by the neighbors making too much noise in the morning so they took maurice's owner carinthia so to court and demanded that she shut him up well today. Fesso and maurice emerged victorious. The court declared that maurice can continue to crow oh and ordered the plaintiffs to pay about a thousand dollars per so told local tv that she's relieved g invicta thumbs. I lived for bringing home. A victory and i'm very happy i was able to do it and i'm going to say to maurice. We one you can stay. The neighbors who brought the case didn't do interviews views but their lawyer have dole said his clients aren't anti rooster their anti-noise focus because chefs know my clients. Don't want roosters not to sing. They want some quiet in the morning so they can sleep and they're bothered by the rooster just like they would have been bothered by a barking dog or a lawn mower worker. I know what you're thinking. Why has this generated international attention and the reason is what began as a battle about a bird has become a battle for france's very soul you see the neighbors are out of towners in the house in the village is their second home and carinthia so so has been there for more than thirty years. This case has become symbolic clash between locals who want to preserve their way of life crowing roosters ars and all versus the newcomers who just want a peaceful country home fizeau summed it up cudi junkies companion planners people who come to the countryside need to stop complaining and they have to adapt if they don't adapt then they can just go back. There is an urban rural divide died in france. We saw that earlier this year with the yellow vest protests. The divide is political. It's economic. It's cultural now. The marines cases a a little more complicated. The neighbors aren't from the city there from town in central france and ironically they happen to be retired. Farmers still hundreds hundreds of thousands of people signed a save maurice petition crowds gathered outside the courthouse with their chickens and roosters and toe and you can even buy a let me sing t shirt with maurice's face on it. The trial is over now but it's not clear if it's the end of the poultry drama

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