Misleading Tweet on Chappaquiddick 50th Anniversary Proves Media Still Covering Up


The AP puts out today now this is from their AP images Twitter so it's not a P. it's a PM edges which is a blue check mark by the way they've got a picture of the dike bridge in Chappaquiddick and the Oldsmobile you know listing it's as it's been pulled out up on the beach in here is what they tweet about on the anniversary of Chappaquiddick quote fifty years ago today senator Edward M. Kennedy left a party on Chappaquiddick island near Martha's vineyard with Mary Jo compact need twenty eight some time later Kennedy's car went off a bridge into the water Kennedy was able to escape but kept acne drowned and tweet is that what happened that's that's what the AP images is putting forth as for example brit Hume I don't want to steal somebody's thing but as brit Hume says it's been fifty years in the media is still covering for him and that's so true I mean so fifty years ago a car went off a bridge Ted Kennedy was able to escape and Mary Jo drowned what's their tweed gonna be and what what's the anniversary of the OJ murder fifty years later as a P. images gonna say twenty and twenty forty four so in twenty forty four AP images tweets out fifty years ago Nicole brown Simpson went for dinner and when she came home she passed away yeah they don't do anything for the twenty fifth this year to that but a buddy I mean can you imagine through this prism how we look at history right in nineteen sixty three on this day right on F. Kennedy was in Dallas and the one for any trouble or something like yeah you gotta be joking me well for that one we have laning reading so she went down there and a little investigative work it will always get back to that live music thank you where is allegedly shot speaking of conspiracy thank you did you read any of the comments on this AP images one guy has a couple good ones Jeff's diary rights you forgot the part where he just went home and left her to drown because he was drunk and didn't want the police to find out hash tag smooth criminal there is no that's again the last line Kennedy was able to escape but compact me drown that's everything in the toward that's the mud that's the thing she was again no one knows for sure whether you know was she passed out in the back did she hit her head there was claw marks on the top of the car and she wasn't there where the these last air pocket what a better hair and was there for her mouth was there so she was apparently struggling until the end but what we know is that he did not he he left her he laughter there in then they concocted a story to try and cover it up and yet the A. P. puts our Kelly was able to escape but compactly you like they both were swimming against the tide waffles as what the AP would have you believe all my god they got up rushing waters everyone is reaching Kennedy was able to make it back but she unfortunately wasn't that's not what happened what else you got any other good comments on Jenner suitable for air doing the best you can going on I got the Jamie three stars raise the Kennedys and cleanse never tried and convicted of crimes because of their names and money Hey it's just did I mean this is the epitome of like fake news right like you are covering for somebody when we all know now well we don't know the exact details of what happened we know one enough of the details of what happened Vegas or bust thirty five rights Kennedy X. gave the Karen got out of the water and left Mary Jo compact need to drown he went home and went to bed telling know until the next day the media and Democrats were complicit in helping with the cover up apparently at a P. images is still complicit that's it exactly again the way there right Kennedy's car when off a bridge into the water R. A. P. any having the vehicle first of all let's start there Kennedy was able to escape compactly drowned it's on but that's unbelievable so everything that people are saying about the today show one the today show is just having fun like there they don't believe in the conspiracy theory but they're gonna do a piece on it because that's out there I just in the same way you can do a piece on flat earth is if you want find doesn't bother me in the least any conspiracy theory of thing to DO leprechauns exist coming up at nine great I've added unicorns big for its center this one this one you know what you're putting down is inaccurate or ridiculously misleading in you tweeted out anyway because old habits Die Hard apparently fifty years ago you were covered for the guy and now you're covering for the guy again you want to the opposite of this waffles would be and I I'd ask you which one is more accurate fifty years ago today senator Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo compactly now that would be a little strong right like he didn't Klay Mara he also didn't intentionally set out to we have herd died that night well who knows the circumstances in which they were both in the car was there was just the two of them in the car whether he did go back or didn't go back no one ever you'll never know but that that is as true statement as their statement it's actually probably more true I mean because there's no doubt that because of his action she was dead whether or not he could have gotten around in there and saved her it certainly seems likely he caught of but I don't know if he drove down a second time any it's as had that he doesn't know who you know none of us will ever know but we know we didn't and we know we didn't get a ride in a car in there's no reason that he shouldn't have been able to get her out of the car there's no reason in so Kennedy was able to escape but compact me drowned that's just the most unbelievable thing I've seen in some time take it for what it's worth by the way not the cross promote but if you haven't heard I always podcast yet on Chappaquiddick did two years later you should and when you listen to what you'll find out just how ridiculous that tweet is from eight PM edges out Regis I don't know why they haven't pulled that yet or issued a correction but they

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