Trump, Jamestown Virginia And President discussed on KQED Radio Show


President trump was in Jamestown Virginia today to mark four hundred years of American democracy speech was boycotted by most of Virginia's Democrats and all of its black lawmakers they were protesting how trump has spoken out about lawmakers color the president this weekend that lashed out at democratic congressman Elijah Cummings and his city of Baltimore here's a band pay their of never station WCVB began his morning attacking comments who chairs the house oversight committee the committee that has launched a series of investigations into his administration the president claims without evidence that the majority black city of Baltimore was corrupt dollars of it in the fall of the bar it's been this bad it's a big mistake and then all of a short trip later and trump was in a giant air conditioned tent in Jamestown about a mile from where Virginia's assembly met on a sweltering day four hundred years ago those early representatives were all white landholders the first enslaved Africans arrived on a trade chip a few weeks later Cody Martin Luther king junior trumps that African Americans had face centuries of cruelty in the face of grains oppression and

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