As Dwight Howard joins Lakers looking to repair reputation, should we believe this latest fresh start will be any different?


If you're dwight there's going to be because we've seen this throughout his career this temptation nation to be the funny guy in the locker room. The guy that lifts everybody up you know the guy that you know at people gravitate towards because they find him entertaining and i think twice really smart. He will develop a reputation as a quiet guy in that locker at least for the beginning like you need to make sure if dwight that you're not even doing things accidentally really that rub people the wrong way. You need to be very self aware really been part of being a part of it like even go back to orlando like those were he was. It's it's easy to forget now. Dwight howard is a hall of fame caliber ought to go to the whole eight time all star one of the transcendent wartime player of the year you go. You know the the sort of mid to thousands thousands into the two thousand ten. Whatever he was flatly eight years ago until he got to the

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