'Control' is nearly a fantastic supernatural action game


Do you wanna talk about some video games that we have been playing over the past the week 'cause like the summer doldrums or ending getting into the fall video game season starting to really heat up this week. I'm and why don't we actually start with one of the newest video games which kirk you have been playing. Tell us all about it. I have been playing control which is the game from remedy the makers of alan wake and max payne and i guess most recently quantum break and it's really really good so. That's the exciting anything to get here. Yeah it's cool. I know i saw her talking to gave it a positive review and they've seen it seems like it's getting positive reviews all around. I started to playing it yesterday even a ten ten ten three ten yeah. It's it's really neat. I can and give a kind of an overview of it. Just say what i think i guess but it's very in line with remedies sort of <hes> lineage which is neat to see. I really like remedy games. In general i loved max payne back.

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