Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty To New Indictment; Trial Pushed To January


Fascinating you all remember Harvey Weinstein right sure it was the chubby guy who like to take his pants off yeah basically everyone saying never we whatever his name is no divine don't doing winds I'm so basically he pleaded wait for it not guilty bart Simpson I didn't know if you need a new indictment of sexual assault and so his trial is delayed until January so yeah I according to him you know like the old saying it wasn't me he's a three hundred fifty pound sweaty slob worth billions of dollars yeah who can single handedly make a career the reset to a movie star yeah and he had women who wanted to be movie stars war bereits this meet him in the first place the man was a hotel room and after years of getting away with whatever skulduggery one out in this he finally did it to an Italian girl and I have to tell you don't pull that stuff from breaks up over your head yeah and that's what happened she threw some and final not mistaken and blew the lid off effect this is not only how he got his third wife as if that's a shocker did you see her no no stunning so do you like it reminds me of a which is a Steven ocean the guy would drop yeah to see his wife yes we think she looks at it says listen you with that felt there in those drawn out eyebrows and at fifty seven year old body sure I'm thirty two and I'm a super model but I gotta have your baby it's so ridiculous yeah it's it's true love shines true love and where cetera who sexually harassing who were you not you what his poor old rich slob he got him hook line sinker is following you around he's buying it was seventeen hundred dollar shoes yeah perhaps he sexually harass we think it all again well I don't think that's the case you know the fact I remember reading an older report these hi everyone things lawyer your honor look at what's going on here well this one story about him involved like a plant shall we say if you like ferns yeah sure for is also you much better off if you only had sex with how creepy is is garbage just thought it was really interesting that he would I'm torn about Hollywood nonsense I tell you what I mean you know it's all going on because it's fitz's Caligula Hollywood the only difference between Hollywood in Washington is that the slime balls are pretty in Hollywood that's it that same slime ball hold hands the office they're just beautiful that's the only difference except for Harvey Weinstein who will put the all

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