Do You Find It Difficult Asking For Money?


Been wanted to talk to you about for awhile so most of my clients most of our clients have one of the biggest issues they have have lots of people contact them a lot of people inquire about their services but they cannot convert them into into the decline than there is a lot of struggling that the c- <hes> at today's above example spoke to <hes> one one of my mike lines <hes> her name is jessica in jessica's being running the healing breakfast for walt. She's been she's been raking specialist and she's been doing ricky for a long long time but one of the biggest roadblock is <hes>. She doesn't have a problem getting the client but she has a huge huge huge problem problem charging those clients. She's been charging so she started with thirty dollars for a session bench. Increase it for thirty five forty bucks fifty dollars. That's right so now she's at a fifty dollars per session <hes> and she's finding it really rayleigh rayleigh difficult to actually sleep. Take it to the next level writer. This is most of the people if you have this blockage that you can't josh more. You must listen to this today because really wanna talk about the blockage the money blockage you have today not to not be able to accept money not being able to ask your client for more money. We are not being able to ask your relatives or friends. <hes> if the comment the house for you help not being able to charge them so if you have this problem album must listen to this today right because this might change your life see that is the biggest issue we have some money. Problem is is not just a one off problem. It's it's consistently same baton going around in your life so if you're one of those people who can't aunt charge to the clients rod declines come to you and they asking you know we need your services than you say yes. I'm happy to help you but at the end when the time in comes in you need to actually send them the invoice you charge them. You just can't would sell what yourself together and oscar the money looking for right and this is being. This has been the most people spending that they just can't charge money. They oxfam money and i think it's a it's goes back to the childhood. <hes> there's some sort of stuff happening the childhood way you develop that relationship with money that <hes> if you ask for money something bad might happen like give you an example of jessica just had this issue whenever she asked money from her mom and dad about something like in a bucket money attained tain to school. She always found that there was a fight happen ride whenever she went to mom and ask for money. <hes> mom just couldn't give because she wasn't working. Mama's dead and dad couldn't give the money because of any reason the meaning should go out of that was whenever i ask for money defied happens right so i must not ask for money so she never actually asked money for mom and dad and she never did anything unique. She never she whenever she needed money and she went to her parents and the something happened. Some sort of some sort of bad thing happened. According to some fight happened. Some argument happened some sort of <hes> in a disagreement that grumman happened and she developed his <hes> belief that whenever i go and ask for money something bad will happen and i she lived her most live <hes> based on that belief whenever she went out and offset glide for money. She believed that you know ascii. Money's a bad thing and that's that's not. I quit for if you are in the business world. If you're in the business world you're going to be asking load of clients for money. So what is quick fix for that. What is the quick fix for that so the quickest fix we found is working really well as you don't ask for money. Let other people ask money for on your behalf c credit third person have third bush and who would be asking for money in charging money for the clients rights have for example. You just say i'm my services gonna call us ninety bucks <hes> by session from now onwards and you let other people know that other person might be working five rs and her only job or his only job is <hes> just asking clients to pay for it. That's it nothing else so you could actually ask your daughter to do it. You could actually your friend to do it. You could ask anybody to do it and their job as saying <hes> you know they setting setting the appointment or if you can't do it and then just saying that bathing wise into this place that's it. You don't even talk to your client about money so if that's the problem in writing so this is the biggest thing when we spoke to jessica jessica just chachi was just like charging thirty bucks forty bucks fifty bucks and she couldn't increase freeze the amount to the best thing works people like that. He's if you have this money blockage way. You can't ask your client for money. The best to get a third bush involve and eh the third person off declined to pay as much as the rates are right so you don't need to get involved in that. The third person will say hang on dishes the fees this much is going to cost and book an appointment. Here's a link for the calendar booking appointment. If you're interested in that are making an automated thing that on the website it clearly says one sessions going to cost this much and you put it on the u._r._l. Out there so asked by doing this you putting yourself out of the picture because there is internal issue you have it. You definitely need to deal with. I'm not saying just put under the drug and forget about it. You definitely have to get it sorted with somebody who could actually help you in that but in the meantime to get that fixed the way to get that fixes sixes you take yourself out of the picture and get somebody else in wall and let them ask for money so that you could actually do what you're supposed to write. This is the way we do it. This is the way i thought of help. Jessica as jessica is not part of this. She just wide service in third person somebody else. Her friend works five hours. A week or six hours is a week for her and she does the other work she does sending the messages sending invoices to be pulling asking them to pay for it so that makes it easy because other russian doing it and <hes> you can actually breed with more people so hope this was useful gwen applying for a and i'm sure it's going to be really good for your business.

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