News in Brief 21 August 2019

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This is the news and brief from the united nations the u._n. Announced on wednesday that it is being forced to close several humanitarian programs in yemen because money committed by member states has failed to materialize the announcement was made by lee's grundy. The u._n.'s humanitarian coordinator yemen who said did that when money doesn't come people die at a pledging event for yemen held in february two point six billion u._s. Dollars was promised to meet the urgent urgent needs of some twenty million yemenis to date less than half of that amount has been received all the thirty four major u._n. Humanitarian programs comes in yemen. Only three funded for the entire year several have closed in recent weeks and many large-scale projects designed to help destitute jud hungry families are on hold another twenty to life. Saving programs will close in the next two months unless funding is received the prospect of a fresh offensive in syria. The last opposition held stronghold in the country could unleash a new wave of human suffering offering u._n. Chief antonio guitarist declared on wednesday the secretary-general said in a statement that he is deeply troubled by the continuing escalation in northwest south-west syria which could impact up to three million civilians mister guitarist strongly condemned ongoing attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure including healthcare and educational facilities and urged all parties to respect international humanitarian law the heightened threat of conflicts in italy follows following the collapse of a truce between warring parties earlier this month and despite encouraging developments insecurity across somalia remains a serious serious concern. James swan head of the u._n. Mission in somalia or unsung warned the security council his first briefing to the world body since taking office. Mr swan the effectiveness of the collaboration between the u._n. And international partners and the somali security forces working with the african union mission in in somalia which has seen areas near the capital mogadishu taken back from tyrod group al shabaab and stabilized however he noted that terrorism remains a threat to progress citing the deadly al shabaab attack on the offices of the mayor of mogadishu in july which killed and injured several government officials does mr swan also reiterated that the u._n. Is resolved to helping somalia overcome the security economic and humanitarian challenges. It's facing building sustainable peace and stability in a country that has suffered the trauma and shocks. That's amalia has experienced over. Many decades will take perseverance and patients with the continued support of this council and the wider international community on psalm remains committed to assisting somalis on their journey towards a peaceful and prosperous future conillon u._n. News.

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