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Good morning everyone I don't need to say it's a tough morning and I don't want to go through one of these banality is about well we're also concerned I don't want to get a sense from you collectively start with you Susan our nation's been through this process before and every time we ask this question is there a moment is this a moment what do you think if if two hundred and forty nine mass shootings in the space of a year is not enough to force political change why would the two hundred fiftieth one B. eight Jeffrey reminded me that he and I sat at this table on this panel the morning after the tree of life shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and we had no particular answers and I don't know that we have any more answers now about why this would be the turning point that so many Americans say they want to see Jeffrey well you know right after sandy hook a number people observe that what we learned is that the country will accept a certain level of child homicide in order to have the the the gun rights that we have in place and other issues so things didn't change after that so it's hard to imagine that things change after any particular event this does feel a little bit different because the confluence of a gun issue and racism issue and both of those seem to be reaching a boiling point but it's hard to say that this is a a pivot we might be pivoting towered and to you from as I'm in some white people are seem to be tired of talking about thoughts and prayers this idea of having a national conversation around every issue seems inadequate to the moment but we'll see any do you take anything of significance away from tweets this morning from Fred Upton Republican Michigan in the house Lindsey Graham Republican of South Carolina talking about red flag laws finding some place to reposition themselves on that within this conversation well I also think it goes beyond the legislative and I think we all around the table know that too that the issue really when we're talking about the consequences of political rhetoric and where the incentives are people like will hurt are coming back to Congress in part and he didn't say this but it it can't be much fun to be somebody like congressman heard he is one of only three Republicans who said in a district that Hillary Clinton Kerry so now there will be maybe after twenty twenty only two left in districts that Hillary Clinton carried those are the folks I bring a diversity of ideas who are there to sort of raise their hand and say well it might play in your district but it doesn't play here and to bring that kind of conversation but that doesn't happen anymore the people who are willing to compromise those people have all been either defeated or they've left on their own and so what that leaves us with as an incentive structure in Washington where it's all or none in this conversation isn't in some ways isn't that hard to house but we can't have it because there's no and war but into the conversation see there you have it the other mental health issues for it we have to get rid of all guns right they're somewhere in between here and there's also the consequence of the the rhetoric and I think that's going to be and it's obviously been a big issue thus far under president trump's tenure but that there are actual consequences to stoking and inflaming president trump didn't invent this polarization but the constant just stoking of it has actual consequences I mean this the president I think in twenty sixteen there was some general sense with if the if there was a president given his conservative bought a few days for president trump away campaign he could somehow give cover to some Republicans on something like gun control find that you know some common ground as is unlikely that might be this would be a possible president who could do something like that has shown no inclination to do site the idea of being Republicans will follow him just about anywhere as will the base and I think what you're saying though with this particular case if this manifesto is indeed tied to the shooter in the case in el Paso is that president trump is this isn't beyond an issue of of mass shooting it's now it's had tied up into questions about white nationalism about the president's rhetoric and robot from the trump is in an election year so the idea that we can move forward and president trump will be the one to give Lindsey Graham and others the political cover seems extremely I'm a little uncomfortable with the word manifesto I think IT investor kind of credibility that this essay doesn't I think warrant but be that as it may and once a forties and there on this trail now believe they can confirm that the two are linked in it it says the increase in Hispanic population in Texas prompted his action blames Democrat Republican leaders in corporations for failing the country specifies that neither president trump nor any other presidential candidate inspired him expresses support for the Christ Church shooter in New Zealand Jeffrey this is an impossible question to answer but I'm to give you a chance thank you not what can we what ought we conclude about it but what does this tell us possibly that we should think about and maybe act on it tells us that that be another term that might be antiquated now is lone wolf after you have so many lone wolves it's a it's a wolf pack it's not connected in the same way as say ISIS are a kind of structured organizations but there is a common view point shared by different white males in different parts of the world about the condition of the world social media has allowed this to to grow mostly unnoticed people are you don't need a terror organization anymore when people can connect their ideas to each other across social media across the internet and so we're in a we're in a completely different kind of challenge for law enforcement where people are neither radicalized by organizational structures but they're not self radicalized either there's so much help and so I mean I agree with you on the manta it's a screed and what it is is a screen it's a pastiche of ideas that I've been floating around in the nether world of the internet and and these young minds are putting his ideas together and summer taking out and we had a we had a warning of this last month FBI director Chris rate testified before Congress that the FBI investigated nearly one hundred instances this year of domestic terrorism and most of them were associated in some way with white nationalism and the only reason this test when he didn't get more attention I think it's because it was right before Robert Muller was testifying about the the rush investigation but that is a pretty sobering message nearly as many examples of domestic terrorism being pursued by the FBI as international terrorism inside our borders George P. bush is the land commissioner of Texas the grandson of George Herbert Walker bush the son of Jeb bush very quick on Twitter to describe his career in Afghanistan as a naval officer courting him directly on Twitter there now been multiple attacks from self declared white terrorists here in the US in the last several months this is a real and present threat that we must all denounce and defeat Amy do you think that is singularly suggestive of the bush family writ large and you think it will be something that Republicans like will hurt and others will rally around so George Bush is in Texas a state that is obviously incredibly diverse if he wants to run for higher office in the state of Texas he understands and appreciates what that would look like the coalition that you need to put together to win in a state like Texas and the age that he is right now is much younger knowing where we're going we're headed in the future so I think he reflects where where the party needs to go but right now in the age of trump they are in a place where that's not trade just wanted to give you one statistic right now in Congress Lukens represent eighty three percent of the of the hot there hundred districts with the highest share of native born residents so places that have the higher share of non native born residents are held by Democrats gave it sounds like George P. bush is thinking about the future and is suggesting with this tweet it seems to me and to pick up on Amy's point that though this may be the current trajectory he does not believe it is the long term trajectory certainly there's Democrats ago meeting back to Obama days a talked about you know trying to bed in Texas to help turn blue I think though in that you know more immediately of course I was reminded just that president trump himself visited el Paso the same time to give a speech there and if you look I went look back in his speech he talked about his can is immigration agenda did not mention almost anything about the positive aspects of immigration certainly and also you know recited a number of statistics that were inflated in an accurate about the dangers of immigrants undocumented immigrants who called war as a Mexico right across the border one most dangerous cities in the world inflated the number of murders and violent crimes among immigrants this is a president if you think about it too it beyond just the talk about a caravan invasion he talked about an emergency at the border that he had to act and if you look at sort of the the language of this discrete whatever you wanna call it that's it that was posted online by the potentially by the alleged shooter it didn't it echoes quite a bit of that African just just one note on George P. bush I let's let's credit him with electoral act given but let's also credit George Bush and other people in the bush family and other Republicans with being genuinely horrified by the ethno nationalist tilt of the Republican Party and especially its president I mean I think that there are numbers large numbers of people many of whom have left Congress recently who don't like the way this is going and don't like the association of the Republican Party with a kind of white nationalism Susan we know all the lines are going over the long term this is a losing proposition for the Republican Party to give up on black members to give up on Hispanic voters but what we don't know is whether it works in the short term in next year's election Susan page thank you very much we'll be

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