News in Brief 19 August 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the united nations. Afghanistan is at a crucial moment in its history as it marks one hundred years of independence the head of the u._n. Mission there said on monday following a series of terror attacks in recent days in a statement on monday at amaechi yamamoto. Who's the head of the united nations nations assistance mission in afghanistan or you. Nama said that despite decades of conflict afghans are committed to a nation that is stable peaceful and prosperous and that upholds the human rights of women and men alike. Mr yamamoto also expressed hope that elections due to take place next month but give voice to the people of afghanistan while also maintaining that there was a real possibility for breakthroughs in pace after so many years of war a reference to ongoing negotiations between taliban extremists and the united states the chief's comments come amid numerous at recent terror attacks on civilians including a suicide bomb strike on a wedding party on saturday that claimed the lives of sixty three people and injured more than one hundred eighty august. The nineteenth is well humanitarian day designated by the u._n. General assembly early in two thousand and eight the day shines light on the half a million or so aid workers across the globe and the dangers they face all over the world special events are taking place to honor the life. Saving contributions are female aid workers. He make up about forty percent of all humanitarian staff. One country with exceptionally high humanitarian needs as the democratic craddock republic of the congo d._r._c. this year alone nearly thirteen million people there will need humanitarian aid as a result of protracted conflict and violence and democ disease. He's and the year-old ebola outbreak in the northeast. Here's sylvia rec- a product manager for the food and agricultural organization. She's based in goma eastern d._r._c. I have worked in countries where the woman cannot show any part of a body or where a man would not even looking at me while talking to me. I think the biggest pro is that being a woman a have better access to the women we assist them. We work with and for a better understanding of the needs and their desire the thoughts and and also it puts me in a better more privileged position to listen to them to be able to seat also sometimes physically with them where in some context for a man would not be possible able to have a free conversation with a with a woman according to the u._n. In two thousand eighteen one hundred thirty one humanitarian were killed in attacks. One hundred and forty four were wounded and another one hundred thirty were kidnapped. The most dangerous countries for aid workers are south sudan syria and idiocy to yemen now and staying hang with world humanitarian day the u._n.'s top aide coordinator in yemen. Lease grandy has renewed her appeal for an end to the conflict in a statement on monday miss granny the insisted that every aid work in yemen understands that the most important development the country's people can hope for is for the belligerence to lay down their weapons and allow humanitarian syrians better access despite the dangers of working in yemen as government forces continue to battle. Who's the opposition. Forces in the northwest. Ms grandy said that more than twelve twelve and a half million people still receive life saving aid every month. These people would not survive without us. Miss grandi insisted in reference to the fact that nearly eight and ten yemenis emmys twenty four million people need assistance making it the world's largest humanitarian crisis daniel johnson u._n. News.

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