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Did you know that a third of the food on your plate could be lost without honeybees. This is innovation now. Bringing bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future. The western honeybee is honey producing powerhouse. A single hive contains between twenty thousand and fifty fifty thousand bees that help pollinate countless crops but recently western honey bee populations have plummeted so post grad student who focuses on agricultural rick cultural conservation for the world wildlife fund joined a team from the nasa developed program to build a tool called hive s by by incorporating satellite observations and citizen science feedback from in hive sensors honeybee researchers can better understand the role local environmental environmental conditions as precipitation soil moisture or vegetation play in the complex factors linked to be health. The best bees company uses the tool to determine prime locations for placing beehives. Be enthusiasts can use the information to plant vegetation and maintain optimal be habitats and the sweet science behind hive. O._s. is bringing the power of earth stations to life for innovation. Now i'm jennifer pulley. Innovation now is produced by the national institute of aerospace through collaboration with nasa and is distributed by w h._r. v.

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