News in Brief 25 July 2019

UN News


This is the news and brief from the United Nations U._N.. Secretary General Antonio Guitarist has condemned Wednesday's deadly terror attacks in Somalia that targeted the offices of the mayor of Mogadishu reportedly killing six government officials and injuring several others according to media reports the attack was carried out by a female suicide bomb and was claimed by terror group Al Chabala the mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman. Oma Osman was one of those. Injured in the attack he is reported to be unconscious and Ju- to be flown to Turkey for treatment the new U._N.. Special Envoy to Somalia James Swan who had met the mayor at the offices earlier in the day described the bombing as a heinous attack heck that demonstrates a violent disregard for the sanctity of human life. The International Atomic Energy Agency I._R._A.. has appointed an interim chief following the death of Director General Yukiya Amano which was announced on Monday. Mr Romano who died at the age of seventy two had been ju to step down next much amid reports of an unspecified illness in a statement published on Thursday the I a stated that to ensure the orderly and smooth functioning the agency Cornel Furuta will serve as director general until a new chief seems office. Mr Fruita currently heads the I E as office of Coordination which is responsible for supporting the director general in areas such as policy. See External Relations with member states and strategy and finally Yemen and several countries in the whole of Africa region a facing increased risk of desert locust swarms threatening agricultural production during the next three months the U._n.. Food and Agriculture Organization F._A._O.. warned on Thursday the risk is being blamed on some breeding amplified by heavy rains and the F._A._O.. Says that it could affect food security and livelihoods in the country's concern.

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