Giants' Golden Tate Reportedly Facing 4-Game PED Suspension; Appeal Pending


Your ram fine bad things keep happening the giants wide receivers Corey Coleman was already lost for the season with an ACL injury sterling Shepard suffered a fractured done the big blue doesn't believe a serious but now new guy golden Tate got hit with a four game P. E. D. suspension Tate said in a statement that he tweeted a little over fifteen minutes ago that in April he and his wife saw specialist for fertility planning and not too long after starting the prescribed treatment he noticed one of the ingredients was on the NFL's banned substance less Tate says he immediately told the independent administrator of the NFL policy MP dis and the giants he says well before the field test was confirmed he told them about that he was confident he will win his appeal stressing that he's taken pride in his integrity level over his career he emphasized the treatment in April was for no competitive advantage the giants say they didn't know about this before they signed in Pat Shurmur said he's been up front with them and he will continue to

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