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The <hes> <hes> sort of bossidy of like of donald trump to come in and shake the political system say hey guys stopping so nice about this. We've got we've got a fight. I back and i think in the same way the u._k. Were reaching that point where we're just like refilling very nice people you know. It's like everyone's terribly nice right now. Nigel hydro farraj comes in and says wake up right. We gotta stop being nice about the european union. It's it's crushing nation right and and it comes in and he shakes up in top assistant and there. There's a point at which look the ultimate weapon that everybody in a democratic nation has is the ballot box right right in the u._k. We don't have the same gun laws we when okinawa we cannot resist government control but we can fight it through the ballot box right and that eventually free at the end of the day. The one x in that in the in the voting by ballot slip is what we have is a weapon where i think that's what who democratic people have and therefore as a result you have to fight back doc with democracy right. I think sometimes people can be surprised at what they deem to be these ideological revolutions taking place here. It's brexit in america donald trump in brazil. It's bolsonaro also naroff in italy at salvini but i think when you start to breed a cultural political correctness. There's always going to be something that bubbles beneath the surface because like you said you cannot talk about the truth you can go rama truce by the end of the day there it is and it starts to sort of swirl like a hurricane on the map. That's just waiting to hit and then people go. Where did this come from. Where did this come. I'm from things were going well will they weren't going well. You pretending things were going while you pretending that the world was getting better and you were afraid to discuss the truth and that's how you get these people that are completely -pletely like dazed and confused when trump wins they do you obviously you and i watch clips the whole time of the night trump one 'cause if you're ever in a bad mood. You really should fill up the clips of c._n._n. Never be the united states of america video

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