RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan hospitalized after prison stabbing


The man who killed senator Robert F. Kennedy back in nineteen sixty eight is attacked in prison California officials say a fellow inmate stabbed seventy five year old Sirhan Sirhan at the Donovan correctional facility near San Diego on Friday Sir Han has been imprisoned for more than fifty years for the assassination of Kennedy at the ambassador hotel in Los Angeles ABC's Matt boot is outside the hospital where Sirhan was brought it's a CD press sister had was stabbed Donovan and then taken to the hospital cal fire says he was taken here to scripts mercy in Hillcrest in the latest update from the California department of corrections they would not give a full description of his injuries but say right now he's stable state officials say they've identified a suspect in the stabbing describing him as another inmate has been placed in a segregated part of the prison as they continue to

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