Report: Ben Simmons agrees to five-year, maximum contract extension


Joe you can no longer say will he sign it or not wow and a sham Philadelphia seventy Sixers star Ben Simmons agreed to a five year hundred and seventy million dollar maximum contract extension agent rich Paul tells the outlet well that's big news and that's great news wow that is not small that is of that is a big deal and I don't mean the terms I mean that is a big deal to lock him up through twenty twenty five five I believe it is because it would be in a in addition the one year is less correct I believe so I'm happy obviously it does not come without risk you know there is risk if he does not develop a jump shot then then he's not in my opinion a Max player you're you're sort of paying for the hope that he can develop it you know that even without a jump shot he still very good player it's very unique I mean to be a very good player without a jump shot is is hard to do but my initial gut feeling is a great sense of relief that the seventy Sixers core the cord being the fine is embodied in sentence the real true core is locked up for a good number of years to come John what's your initial reaction when you hear that this thank their buyers Heris for what well for the the positive good vibe that's going out right now on Ben Simmons what I have to do it to bias well televise was posting stuff of pictures of him in band plan one on one their training out in LA together no listen I I I think my first thought is that thank you to Tobias Harris what I'm saying thanks for the tow by Sears I feel a lot better about this and having heard what to buy said about Ben Simmons this summer I was a little bit iffy on doing this whole thing you know again banned the five year locking them in deal when we weren't sure if this offseason would be like last where you didn't see a big jump in his game the tell by a terrorist picture that he Paul I guess that was his no Chris Johnson their their training with NBA trainer Chris Johnson Chris Johnson has been post and stuff so by a terraces quotes we played a lot of one on one he's in general religiously every day grinding it getting better he's in great shape everybody was trying to figure out why I was guarding him at the three point line it was really because he hit two of them okay aired in Asia two of them and he hit two in a row that's why I was there he's but he's made big improvements in his game is jump shots really looking good he has the confidence to shoot it that does matter I feel better about this deal just get a little something from someone other than band seminary go that band is doing the work well here's my my next thought now that he's signed yeah I put that piece of paper in that pen together and you got a signature the with the threat of him being able to go gone time for bread to tell what he really thinks of his jump shot Hey Hey Hey Hey Ben put the pen down that you sign it gravel ball and let me tell you somethin bang your jump shots thanks and I'm gonna ride yeah a lot harder now that the threat to you leave it is off the table I'm actually being I mean I'm joking but I'm kind of serious here I hope that bread does coaching harder because that jumpshot thing is crazy but it's a deal that I I would do if on the Sixers I know that says something some people thought the six you should not do I'm not of that mind set I think you lock lock that guy up in and try to

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