Joe Walsh: Strongly considering primary challenge to Trump


Donald trump's approval rating among republicans sit somewhere between eighty or ninety percent which is pie although that comes with a bit of an asterisk asterisk which is that trump is driven a lot of people away from identifying as republicans people like michigan congressman justin amash who called for trump's impeachment and who was a republican in good standing but has now switched to being an independent. He's the kind of person who wouldn't show up one of those polls. Here's the fundamental problem. There are a number of self described conservatives who do not like like donald trump but most don't really have any political base or power and that's the problem facing anyone wants to mount a primary challenge the president and the g._o._p. And yet interestingly thinly enough there are people who want to give it a shot anyway for massachusetts governor. William weld is in he has declared he is running now. Former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford former former illinois congressman and talk show radios joe walsh appear closer during the race and challenging the president and anthony scaramucci says he's going to rustle up a bunch of ex trumpers to take the president on as well ultimately the stakes. Here may be mostly about donald trump. Som psyche almost certainly going to trounce any republican challenges him and yet. There's a lot of reporting that suggests team is obsessed with staving off primary challenges here discuss a reagan administration official and share the center for equal opportunity linda chavez and former tea party activists been how the author of the immoral majority new book about evangelical and trump in co host of the fifth estate podcast linda. I don't know i guess i'm skeptical optical but i'm seeing all those noises it looks like sanford and walsh will get in scaramucci is trying to rustle up some group of folks. Is there anything here you think well. I mean if you look back back at what happened to president. George herbert walker bush in nineteen ninety-two he did get challenged by pat. Buchanan obviously buchanan's challenge well. I think stronger than any of the people we've been talking about are going to be able to muster against trump did harm him and i think it set him up for ultimate failure in the general election. I think that's what this is. All about. None of these guys that we're talking about are likely to defeat donald trump unless trump goes evan farther off the rails and then we've seen him so far but being able to damage him being able to come at him as walsh might from the right could could have some impact and might dampen

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