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Reports that have come out this week have said kevin fight yet and he did a bit of work behind the scenes on venom une credited did so even to kind of get it to the point where that was. I don't think there's a single movie. That's made with the marvel logo on. It hasn't hit his desk at some don't want at least you know even if it's just hey kevin we're not too sure what's happening with this movie. You know we don't really know what we're doing. What were you think we should do. I don't know how much work he didn't venom to be honest but it's it's. It really does mean to be honest. I think it's about chasing the bottom line and and screw that people actually let the love these movies love characters and i'll feel a little bit sorry for for tom. Holland of his last movie is peter. Parker is outside the m._c. and you him who knows who knows thing is they're. They're saying oh we've learned what we need to learn from from marvel we don't we know how to make spiderman movie but flies against all the evidence <hes> <hes> that they made too bad as spiderman movies spiderman three was bad the mood spiderman movies without marvel's direct involvement again rather tipping point where there there are more bad ones than are good ones and venom is not a good movie so the evidence is not there that they they'll they'll they'll be able to let that's amounts in safe hands in though because you know he's a lovely man and we want the best we do and hopefully get a move on quickly as well because you know tall still looks about seventeen or eighteen but <hes> one day he'll wake up. He'll look forty five twenty five years but sure no more coincided cursing tomo because i'm gonna with another tom holland and not tell anyone and then keep the real thome holland make spiderman vitamin three privately okay chris as your lawyer. That's kidnapping kidnappings. It's that's that's also a crime. The age is not the determining factor in we were in your chromebook can't can had big book of crime. I don't have it with me but i absolutely can. Well okay take your word for it. I am going to man up thome holland force chris about three k. through any police listening. If you can just stop chris i'd appreciate it. Thanks so much anyway. Speaking of kevin feige are offenders endgame spoiler special. It's only the forty-sevens one. We've done is finally going to be up a puma hopefully lead by the time you listen to this one with with kevin feige when we recorded <hes> in front of a small audience of loyal empire subscribers and lovely lovely people they are too. I mean i didn't speak to the more

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