How to Create and Launch a Mini-Course


We are diving into the nitty Caridi the tangible how to create and launch a mini digital course with my friend amy reporter fields. Hey girl so happy to be here. Happy you too. Have you okay. We're GONNA dive back in because at this point. My audience knows you. They love you. They've signed up for your training so there's really nothing else for them to do but to sit back relax and learn from the master so I explained to me exactly what you mean. When you say a mini digital course yes because I think that it sounds intense but it's really not. It's really not so. Here's what they mean. A many digital course I also called a workshop. Course is a two hour ish give or take a little time training that you either do live or recorded that promises instinct clarity and results votes for your students so that sounds a lot like a live webinar right but it is not because the big difference here is that people are paying to learn from you. Even if the price point is low. There's just a mindset shift when somebody pays for it. Versus it being free they actually take action and get results a whole lot faster so the goal of this many digital course is to address an immediate problem. That's keeping your audience stuck. You can also use a workshop course to bridge the gap and solve a problem. That's stopping people from actually working with you at a deeper capacity so I like to explain things in stories and examples so I've got a story for you. Call her. There's a gal out there that I love her. Name is Sarah Jane case and she's the brains behind the hilarious insightful instagram channel channel India Graham in coffee. No one owns full. Just adorable okay just disarray. Jane discovered that a large percentage of her audience was concerned or confused that they didn't have the right any gram tight for for them so I would say. I'm not sure if this instagram type is me. How do you know and they just would constantly have questions about it so she decided that she who is going to create a workshop course a mini course where she would help people once and for all figure out what is their type and and the reason why this is so great as one she charged for it and number two once people knew there any type she could then invite them into her bigger bigger course or her membership or mastermind but they were stuck and they need to know their type. They wanted instant gratification. They were going unwilling to pay. Hey for it so she created a workshop course huge hit. That's so cool I just had a flashback to when we were on our girls gas and Rachel made you sit on the couch and make the quizzed minute your numbers we were so curious because Rachel and Jenna were threes right yeah and they kept saying you're you're three and I'm like I'm not a three. I promise you to take the course again so they won't let me get off the couch until I took it for the record. I was a jail. It was finding Oh that just flashed me back at the time that is so cool and what I think is amazing to is to meet that feels like like a less overwhelming barrier to entry because I think of students that I've taken a program that you are. I have created. Mac All of these steps in modules and professional videos some beautiful slides and all of that is amazing but a lot of people are perfectionists at the core. They're ones and they want to launch things when they're beautiful and radiant Eddie in the framework and everything is perfect. Go what I love about. This method is that you can refine your teaching style. You can get people quick winds and result bolt in like you said when people pay the pay attention so you're going to have a more engaged audience so in my head I'm like even if she charged just twenty nine dollars for got and had a handful of people. That's actually pretty significant. It's also proof of concept to create something bigger or more in depth. I love it. Yes exactly the proof of concept concept is really powerful yeah because to me. It's like if you can get even one person to pay twenty nine dollars then you just need to find more people like that one person and then that's your audience like it's super exciting. I love it is okay so what would step one be so if someone knows that they're ready for a course than what would that first step be so the first step. Is You want to think about something that you can teach. Let's say I say to our so you could charge. You could charge ten dollars up to two hundred dollars. You can charge whatever you want but let's think about a topic that you know you teach. That would be pretty easy for you to teach tomorrow tomorrow. If you wanted to and at the end they can get results. They do what you told them to do. They get results pretty quickly and so Hello Sarah. She's explaining the any Graham types in how to really understand what yours is going to be. She can give them some homework to do and they could figure it out pretty quickly so you're looking for results that somebody really truly wants but it's not like you're going for a total transformation. That's why the mini digital courses so much easier to create so the first step is what could you teach that would actually lead to results that would get your audience unstuck or fill a lot of joy I I love that that's so great okay so does of course have to be this like ages the total roadmap on topic because as I'm thinking about that I'm like okay. How would condense everything into two hours or what would that look like yes so the answer is no you do not need to do eight? Z total roadmap total transformation mation so what I want you to think about is that most people are looking for that quick fix they WanNa win today and so if you could just get them over that Hump they're gonNA fill momentum now. Here's the great thing if you could just give them exactly what they need and tell them exactly what they do to get quick results. They're likely going to say this is good. This girl knows what she's teaching. I wonder what else she's got and math like the number her one response you want to hear after a mini workshop what else you got and you might not have anything just yet but what you could do is if you want a little extra extra cash on the back end of that you could offer some. Group coaching or some one on one consulting. Maybe just for a select few for premium price or you could get to work on a more robust course down the road so you've got options. I love that and I think a lot of times to forget like nobody wants a dead end so so when we post or anything where we share when we teach people are hours like ready like okay what's next. What's the next step I remember amy. This is kind of embarrassing but it's when you started cheering your courses. I took your first course. I was like eager and ready for like anything that you were going to sell so I was like at the edge of my seat reading every email like like just waiting for the next program and I don't know if you remember this but you launched. I think it was a two day training in New York City where you'd help people and I remember member. I applied just because I wanted to see your application and I applied to it and then I got approved but I couldn't couldn't even do it because they had a wedding that day and I was devastated and take all my money like I am ready so it's just such a good example of like if you can get people these Quincy's quick results. They're going to want more. They're gonNA want that next. Step and you don't have to have it all figured out at the beginning but it is exciting meeting because once people are invested once invested even a dollar into your or your brand. You've gotten the result they are going to be far more likely to continue investing into you like I would have said. Take all my money I will fly to New York and I love that you said that because to piggyback on that whoever teaches you inside. Did this course that you've gotten results. They become somebody that you feel really connected tooling. They are your go-to person and it's beautiful that Jenin I have become such good good friends out of that but even if it doesn't become a friendship like that people feel very connected to you when you get them results or help them get results so just remember that a mini digital course could be to such big relationships with your audience absolutely so when I think about this one of the biggest objections that comes to my mind is like like how do you charge for. This like a mini course still has to add value. So how'd you know that what you've created is enough value for someone to spend spend their hard earned money on it. Okay so that comes back to looking at the results are promising. Here's what I want you to do. If you come up with an idea that that might be really great for your audience in terms of a two hour workshop where you're going to teach how to do something and you're going to promise a certain level of results what I want you to we do is reach out to either ideally some people in your audience and do some social media polls. If you have an email this you could even send a quick email. Get get a little feedback on that because in the example of Sarah Jane case when she decided she was going to do a workshop to teach people how to figure out there any Graham type ape the reason she knew it was going to make money is because people asked her questions about this over and over again so if you do have an audience already years a number number one question. I'll help you come up with your topic instantly. What do you get asked all the time. Where do people get stuck. WHAT DO THEY WANT clarity on. If you ask Jenner Awry that question we could probably rattle off ten things that we get asked all the time. Those are many courses. I love that I know Rachel. He talks about this too but like we create based off of questions yet every single person that I know in my entire life bigger in expert at something like when I need help with cooking I go to my friend Sarah when I need help with copyright and go to my friend Ashland when I need help with parenting I

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