Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Talks Gun Reform on ABC News


Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel down ABC news contributors getting into the debate over reform to the nation's gun laws speaking last night on ABC's this week says Democrats in Washington should place a ban on assault weapons into any reform package that includes background checks red flag loss as part of the whole package it is a one it once in a lifetime of there hasn't been a gun legislation since Bill Clinton in ninety four pass the assault weapon ban as part of the crime W. S. represented them the Penske Democrat of illinois' third district was in Gilroy California two weeks ago when a gunman opened fire on people at a festival he was a guest on WGN Sunday spin program with Rick Pierce in talking reforms I'm not sure if president trump is going to stick with his position that he relays position that he stayed on as he is known for changing his position on issues and and we're still four weeks away from when Congress is coming back in in session you can hear the full interview on WGN radio dot

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