Survivor 39 Preview: 7 Things You Need to Know About Island of the Idols


The heck is is going on with season thirty nine of survivor. I am Rob Sister Nino and hello welcome to the survivor preseason we back and we are ready to go and I have a tag team. Duo of men who went out to Fiji to learn learn about everything that's going on. You can imagine giant paper towel heads of them right here. In the studio. Please please welcome Josh Wig Ler and Mr Mixmaster Mike Bloomer Rob. I'm so happy you put in the money to get get all that paper. Cover my nose on your giant bust of me. Is that really means a lot that you would go the extra mile just for that. I just can't believe that you couldn't pony pony up for the wombat replica for me and because it's just my giant head you couldn't even get mustard colored parachute short yes from rumble from the EPA uh-huh okay. I know you say you said tag team and it just made me sorely unhappy that Josh and I were ships in the night when it came to the royal rumble which is maybe maybe at the at the time that people are talking. That's another podcast. That's another podcast. That's from last week's Robin. Akiva need a podcast yeah. This is survivor lost to right. You're right. We most recently all recorded together on the brand steel simulation of of the season one of lost. Look put all that nonsense aside because this is. This is the main event we are. We are back talking about real. Will you say survivor coming up here. In just a matter of weeks. Jussia perhaps the most truncated preseason of all town certainly since I've been covering survivor as a reporter this is by far and away the shortest preseason and we're GONNA do the people in my mentions. Stop asking me about it. I told you once I'll tell you again. Donut me. Ah The decisions that are far above my pay grade but we're here. It's happening. It's real and I'm so delighted for for this this one for a number of reasons but primarily the primary reason has really nothing to do with survivor the season itself but the fact that I had a very exciting exceptional special co-pilot along the ride with me for this preseason and that was mixmaster. Mike himself making making his survivor preseason debut out there for Parade magazine and I am a proud papa bear of this order becoming a man at thirty nine. Yes yes Oh my God Mike. I'm just so thrilled to finally be able to talk about our adventure venture together. Yes so I mentioned this briefly. When we doted on survivor allender the idols at the end of edge of extinction when there was that thirty second promo during the reunion that made people who were saying what the heck is going on. Maybe add an exclamation point to the end of that question mark based on what was shown and Josh and I were able to go out there to Fiji to cover the pre season of survivor thirty nine my very first time going out there and and I mean I will say with no ounce of Sardonic mean whatsoever that it might have been one of the best experiences of my life. We're going to touch upon you know all the stuff that we got to do there. Were some really opportune moments. I think we've got to take advantage of over the course of this season in particular that makes it a bit different different from other seasons that Josh has been out of you know in the past but I mean I also couldn't have done it without this guy. We have many for gene honeymoon photos together uncomfortable get posted now that the embargo lifted but it has the embargo lifted on the secret texts that must have been exchanged between our respective lives who were serious with US reporting it up in Fiji especially as Angelo was very close to bringing asher bloom into the universe yeah. It's it's been such a long offseason at least in my pain especially sitting on misinformation for nearing six months of this point. I mean maybe it's because my son was born two weeks before edge of extinction and did but I don't know it seems like the past several months and not just because because of the truncated preseason but it's felt very long to me. I don't know if you guys feel the same way. Is that a real that your wife's text is. There is a little bit of correspondent. There was some while there's a different time schedule. I think we were trying to you know remain as much out of the Doghouse as the war your dog houses possibly be about dog house yeah but for the fact of the matter is you know we were across the world doing some pretty ridiculous things in Fiji Asia able to you know talk about it and talk about the fact that we were doing absolutely silly things together. We're going to be talking about over the we were cast roommates. We shared a room. We slumbered into Hot Fijian nights together. We had we had lots of lots of toxin and planning sessions and strategy sessions just great bonding moments that occurred between Mike Bloom before lost down. The hatch was even a twinkle in our collective active. I at that point Mike but you can we we've been on a great journey together this year and much of it blossomed and began here. You're on the island of the idols so it is it is our great pleasure to finally open the doors to this secret place and finally talk about it a little bit so let's set up what we're going to do here today. So Josh Mike have been out to Fiji. They were on location. They learned everything I myself. This is how I operate. I put my head in the sand. I try to learn as little as possible about future survivor seasons where wherever I can could help it because for me then it keeps it fresh as we go through it in the real time and so what we've done here today is. I'm in the blackout route. I have not followed anything survivor this morning and so I am going to learn and react to whatever Josh and my don't lie to me. Don't tell me like fake things. That aren't true. It's alive with you know don't do for that but I then I will get to react to the things that you were going to tell me and the listeners about this new season of survivor. I like okay. That sounds really fun and there's certainly a lot as well. Josh and I have come up together. it's a lot yeah seven things that we learned while going on set set for survivor island of the idol of it deals with the titular island itself some with Boston. Robin Sandra some with the cast Cetera so there's a lot to experience over the course of that week we we are in Fiji together and I'm happy to finally get into it as Joshua's alluded to yeah. Here's what I know. We have rob and Sandra are going to be there. I've been seen commercials for that and they're going to be coaches of players. That's that's from what I understand. That's the that's all I've got island. I think we you can start there and elaborate. I think is going to be easy enough to do and I will just begin by being a shameless and I will come out and say T- CHR DOT com slash survivor to plug my stuff and Mike. Where can people find your beautiful articles that you're writing about this season season parade dot com slash tag slash survivor and I'm also trying to come up with a hug page I think for everything island of the idols related because as we're GONNA be talking about near the end of this podcast? There's GonNa be a lot of coverage coming out from both our ways over the course of the these two plus weeks Saturday night articles really as as close for Mike Sake. That is pretty darn. Close the truth away from the number. You know I might give you the closest without going over here. You're you're you're still young and spry enough to to put out a volume that I will never be able to approach again. I can't wait to read it. I'm very loud so that volume does make sense okay all right. So what is number one. What is the number one on the list of the seven things. WE'RE GONNA learn here today. In this podcast well well. Let's start with as you guys mentioned what I think the survivor audience conventionally new or found out about island of the idols as of the end of May Boston Boston Rob Sandra twine are back sort of they're not playing the game and I cannot say this enough right Boston. Austin Robbins Sandra will not enter the game. They will not become players. This is not a big brother. Fourteen situation says it they're going to be serving as advisers for the entirety of the season living out there on the titular island of the idols and we'll get into you know what what exactly they're going to do in a little bit but I also want to mention that as well you know. Josh put up a great interview with Robin Sandra that we had the opportunity to go visit the idols yeah. which was I mean Josh? You can talk to your first reaction to this but this was a biggles shocker for me at least when we found out this was happening. Oh yeah no hugely really surprised you know one of the things that I was going to do when I got out there was I was gonNA. I was GONNA come to Jeff. PROBST and Matt Van wagged in with like a list of suggestions like all right. You guys need themes. I got themes the themes he wants themes AB- slinging themes at a discount and a free free of charge charge just ideas take them have them get away with extinction and start coming up with some things that you can do if you need ideas and I'm nowhere even in the realm of the vicinity of the closest approximation of the center of the list that I have anything resembling Boston Robin Sandra Diaz twine and their gigantic fricken head statues were secretly inhabiting an island that everybody would be going out to visit visit so when when I learned this information I did a lot of like the wand off caliber laughter directly Jeff Jeff probst space as I was. I was finding out this information for the first time because I was just I was astonished. I was shocked I was tickled by it and it was presented to me as basically like a sentient ghost island right like ghost island hinged on this this library of artifacts this like a haunted museum museum a spooky playground. If you will that is out there that's populated by all these different relics from survivor seasons past. There's really not a ton of that. Personality popped on the screen. I think and I think that the idea behind I o is making I have affectionately come to call it though type doubt it looks like a lower case. Ll which may also be appropriate literally getting high it was described to me sort of as a sentient ghost island ghost island with actual people representing that personality and they're being this really whimsical bent to it and having Robin Sandra out there living it up ah talking the talk walk the walk and a lot of Boston rob. Ghost in evolution strategy also yet to be net seriously really. Do we have any we've ever had goes to Sandra. We did not we did not have Sanchez goes. We did have Boston Rob's ghost. We had Boston Guide as well if I call and both of these things have kind of come true he did. This less predicted it. This is another action. That's like the simpsons wins. Did it of audio because if you record for three hundred hours you're bound to today. I want to circle back to what you said about Robin Sandra AH coaches they will not be players because and you you sound adamant about this which puts me at ease because that's my biggest concern going into this this because I remember big brother fourteen very well we just revisited with Dalton Ross's oral history of dance funeral. Josh doesn't know what any of this this is. Josh back in big brother fourteen what happened was there were coaches in big brother fourteen and it was.

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