Britain's Brexit heartland seethes at delay and 'betrayal'


We continue with a look at the Monday newspapers papers <hes> helping a successor it is Mary beale agendas for the French media walking back to the studio and we've done a lot of bricks in so far today and I suspect there's more more to come but very briefly <hes> battle lines are being drawn on the front pages aren't they. Yes oh I think it was very interesting to way times presented and telegraph present Vicki Johnson's and fight on antiobitic time says just on is in retreat over the deel h brexit basically said that he's not going to try and fight against the <HES> <hes> asking for a delay were as a graph which is very pro brexit <hes> a saying that Johnson can legally stop the brexit extension so basically very two different way of seeing basically the rest of the fight for Britain's representative of the way the media show the fight for Brexit in a way indeed indeed. I mean we're just looking at the time Johnson retreat over delay to <hes> to to Brexit Financial Times Radka place down prospects of progress on brexit deadlock. That's because Boris Johnson Johnson

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