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Talent. Absolutely. I dejante is probably like my favorite player in the whole league. I like Kelvin Johnson. I left out Kelvin too, my goodness, Jesus. It's a team with a lot of young talent. There's no question about that. Right. And it looks like they're not going to make the plan this year. And that should be, you know, they traded, it's just the direction that they're headed. And they traded Derek white to the Celtics for a first round pick. They traded that young. I think he was the oldest player in the roster for a first round pick. They couldn't not look good in Toronto so far, by the way, there's neither hand or there. But anyway, go ahead. He's looked, I don't know if you've got like their possessions where he just plays point guard, and they're enjoyable. They're an adventure, I guess is the best way to put it. I don't know. Yeah. That probably is the best way, because I look at some of them. I'm like, I've watched the last couple of years and I thought it'd be a little bit more. Yeah, just interesting, by the way, to put it. I'm going to give them more time before I really judge it. But anyway, go ahead. I'm sorry. But yeah, no, but yeah, so I mean, they're just clearly trying to get first round picks. And they did that. They're not good. They're going to have their own pick, which could be the, I think they have the 7th worst record in the league right now. A game behind the kings, a team that they lost to last night. So yeah, we'll see how it's basically like you got to play the lottery if you're San Antonio. And I think you definitely keep Dijon day as long as possible. Hopefully for honestly, his entire career. I think that that's a franchise point guard. You can certainly build around. He can play with a lot of different types of players, makes those around him better, plays both ends. But it's just fundamentally good to see the spurs, their posture at the trade deadline to actually get assets that'll help you in the future and to kind of acknowledge where you are as an organization. I think is great. If I was a person with the mix should have done something with the Lakers should have done. Sorry. Anyway, go ahead. I'm interrupting you too much. Go ahead. No, no, no. But yeah, you're exactly exactly spot on. So, you know, I like watching Zach Collins on the court again. It's fun to see him play again. I would have probably been even more aggressive though if I were San Antonio at the deadline, I would have probably moved on from someone like Doug McDermott, seeing what I can get from him if I can get a conditional first with that young. What can I get for Doug McDermott playing pretty well this year. But you can't get rid of every single veteran and I understand that. So I guess we'll just see where what happens. I would love for San Antonio to get a top 5 pick in this draft. Maybe even higher than that. There's some really interesting prospects from everything I read and see. I'm not actually watching college basketball, but there seem to be franchise altering players and names and for one of them to go to San Antonio..

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