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Clement says despite what they say, this service is actually what your friends want from you. Camus says, this is symptomatic of what he calls a sort of modern amnesia where we're able to conveniently forget about all the mistakes we make in our lives and just move on as though nothing is really happened. We've all met somebody like this before. You know, a person who has no problem at all, judging everybody else for what they're doing wrong. They'll define a person's entire character based on a single moment. They'll hold a grudge against people for years because someone mistreated them. But when something goes wrong in their life, they'll go to their friends, their friends will tell them it was all the other people's fault. And they'll just continue being the exact same person thinking, no rational person ever has a problem with me. If anybody thinks I should be judged, well, that person's just irrationally holding onto the past. They need to get over it. Make no mistake. This modern amnesia is a defense mechanism against that feeling of guilt and responsibility that comes with always being judged by others. And Clements always found a way to conveniently forget about all the mistakes he made in the past. That is, until after the motorcycle incident. After the woman on the bridge, after hearing the laughter of others, at that point, he says, there came a time in his life where he just couldn't forget about the person he was anymore. For the first time, he was forced to look at himself in the mirror honestly. And what he sees in the mirror sends him into a total panic. Remember, finding a way to avoid the judgment of other people was the main goal of his life now. Once these events make his old strategies ineffective, he tries out like 5 other ones that all fail miserably for him. And this is obviously Camus as an author laying out several examples of ways people in modern society try to avoid judgment as well.

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