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It's the opening scene in the film ahead of a screening of marriage story at the telluride film festival this year and in front of a live audience. I spoke with driver. Just after Martin Scorsese presented him with a career. Honor driver was at telluride for marriage story and another upcoming movie the report in which he plays a US Senate investigator looking into this as use of torture after nine. Eleven driver explain what his relationships are like with directors. He's worked with multiple times and that list includes Jim Jarmusch and marriage story. Filmmaker Noah Baumbach. There's there's something that we are way of working. Our work ethic is similar in that. They don't take it for granted that we're making a movie. The has the potential to reach a plays that as far away and either give language to a culture. That's completely different than ours. And someone's paying a lot of money for us to be here right right now for this amount of time to do this thing that will last forever and labeled the feeling and how powerful that is why why take that for granted why show up and kind of wing it you know or not. Consider what it is. You're saying and that no detail is too who small now. Obviously there's traps and all of that that you can get so worked up in details that you're trying to control everything and don't leave room for you know something. That's more abstract with those people. They're brilliant writers and create a set an environment onset where you're free to You know all those things that hope from from people you're free to get it wrong and you're free to explore and but really don't take it for granted if I was trying to summarize summarize it which is kind of hard. They very much curated the people that they want to work with in front and behind the camera and you feel like as much as everything thing is both has meaning and as meaningless. You don't don't take it for granted and finding people that have your same work ethic gets a rare thing. I think I just repeated myself three times the best show of hands. How many people in telluride for the atom driver double feature marriage story and the report? Wow okay. That's about half a house as quick question without spoiling either film. I WanNa ask you about Dan. Jones and CIA's post nine eleven detention and interrogation program which a lot of people would call torture..

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