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And how did they know about me? If it hadn't been for this defector, vasili mitrokhin, who was an archivist in the KGB archives, he was actually pretty high level. He wasn't in charge of the relocation of the archive. And he really hated the you had reason to believe he hated the Soviet system. I think I remember that his son was quite ill and he could have gotten treatment in England and he was not allowed to travel to England with his son. So he, his hatred, he tried to figure out what to do and how to do damage to that system. So he started copying notes. Little slips of paper and written that he smuggled out in his underwear and his socks. Over the years, and then he transcribed them with the typewriter and then put the pieces of paper and into some kind of a container and bear it doesn't start on. It was, I believe, in 19 92, when he showed up, that was already the Soviet Union was gone. So he showed up at the U.S. embassy in Moscow and told him what he had and it was on a weekend and apparently there was a junior person in charge, and he said, you know what? What you got, we are not interested in it's really old. That's a career limiting move, right? Because Vasily mitrokhin then made its way to one of the Baltic republics and contacted MI 6. And they said, come on in Nord fellow. I have a cup of tea. And so they managed to get this stuff out of the dacha and get it to England, and eventually the MI 6 shared it with the FBI. And there wasn't a whole lot of information about me, was very, very little was like there's a person by the name of Jack barsky, who is an illegal operating in the northeast of the United States. Now, if it was Jim Miller, there wouldn't have found me Jack basket was easy to find. So I need to check social security and Jack barsky was had gotten his social security card at the age of 33, bingo. Okay. All they know though was that I wasn't illegal, but I was still living there. They didn't know whether I was active, inactive. And the other thing that they knew that I was a really, really well trained agent, because I was still there, right? So they took, I think, almost three years to investigate me, watch me from a distance because, you know, if I was still active, I would have found out that somebody's investigating here. So you started being less and less active in terms of. Oh, I stopped completely. What I mean is surveillance detection mode. Yes, that's sort of the action. After three months, I stopped altogether. Okay. Yeah. Good point. And FBI is still very careful.

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