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They have been brainwashed. They have been so controlled that they don't have capacity to really make an anchored logical rational decision because they've had reality distorted for them to the point that they're dealing with such distorted filter that they can't make an informed rational decision but yet that's that's very difficult to prove because they'll fight to the death that they're their of their own free will and it's where they want to be because that's what they've been indoctrinated to do and that's when the love bombing starts all over again if they start getting challenge subpoenas family members come then all of a sudden they get all loved up again. Well i think the first amendment is not at suicide act so people are free to believe whatever they want but they may not do whatever they wish the name of those leaks screw yup. Lds that we've been talking about. They existed for hundred years. Rule in jeff's warren jeffs father was very authoritarian leader. And i would say. He was a cult leader in my opinion but he did not go to the extremes that warren jeffs he did not rape charges in the way that were ingested and so eventually warren jeffs behavior caught up with him and many of these cult leader will say as soon as the authorities. Investigate them are accusing me. And i don't think it's persecution them accountable accountable for their behavior. And i think that these children and these young people who are in these groups and raised in these groups from their earliest memory They don't know that anything else really exists and they are a dare indoctrinated to have unreasonable fear. It's as you pointed out about the outside world for example they're told if they go against the leader or boeing and scott because whatever the leader says is what odd says and therefore you are rejecting dot. You reject the leader and they also Basically will will feel that if they they go their own way that internal judgment and this is a a polygamist teaching of the f. Lvs they will be a suspended in darkness alone for eternity now. Imagine how chilling that is to a child growing up and accepting that of believing and so these these young people they feel. They have no alternative except to obey the leader and a lot of times. We look and we don't understand what they're thinking what they're going through how they've been indoctrinated and and i think the abuse that went on in many of these polygamous groups for for decades was just horrific fat. Yeah it seems to me that one of the best red flags we can throw up for. People is what you said about if you're there even the first night if you can't ask questions if you can't challenge the authoritarianism of the leadership without being criticized and ostracized you're in the wrong place yet. Because if you say hey listen. I got a question here. I read something on the internet that says. Abc in d-. What else say about that. And if they start yelling persecution and contamination and toxic blah blah blah blah blah. If they can't have a discussion about that and you don't have the right to question. Why are we doing this that or the other than your in wrong place and you need to get the hell out right now. It's the totalitarianism. It's the group. Think one way that should be a red flag if you're in an organization that doesn't allow for individuality or questions that should be a big red flag. Well and the group should be tolerant of questions because if it's a good organization and the overwhelming majority of churches and places of worship in the united states are very positive They should be open to scrutiny. They should be transparent agent. Be willing to answer questions. Which typically is is the posture of of leaders of churches license at worship a across the us. And the other thing i would say is there should be a legitimate reason to we as pumped to a leader in. I say look a new job in a new place. And i'm going to leave a church or this organization or or club or whatever and i'm going to relocate. I won't be able to come here anymore. And the group and the leader telling me out and get terrible thing. There's no legitimate reason to lee added a big red flag. And if everyone who has ever left is characterized in a derogatory demeaning way and and again what they're saying is there's no legitimate reason the leave and there's this we'd.

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