Rick Levada, Eagles, Peter King discussed on Islanders vs. Red Wings


Punch of auto levada were wasn't a long snap our rick levada who said that he thinks he overheard he didn't know but he overheard the eagles talking about how when they were on the field the field they were going to play the super bowl on with the eagles at their walk through they did a fake walked through that's how nervous they were that the patriots we're going to be walking that they did a fake walk through i mean we had those sound that peter king had with tom true burton burton thank you about you know that in practice it right only did it in the water with in the radisson hotel apparently now according to the long stepper even when they were on the field they were running fake stuff i mean that is either the height of patriots paranoia or it is the smartest thing you've ever done we talked this bag nola last week when he was on that eagles coaching staff that lost to the patriots jim johnson said they know more blitzing they know more blitzing they have our plays than stagnant little kinda walked it back a little bit and you know said listen i'm not accusing the patriots of cheating you know he was saying what he remembered from that game and that is amazing to me if they were actually throwing a fake dummy walk through we gotta get some was someone from the eagle's as to clear that up your room of played what you do it out of different formations scana your mess around only people that really need know what's going on it's a quarterback maybe the running back but he will you go back to the phillies special low was dull these everybody was acting because you look at a running back the running back leaning fourday sale like i can hear things like that it was it was brilliant yeah now they executed it well and that's something that the patriots would do all the time are those great mackin mike at highlands jersey mike what's up it was going i gotta talking about olympic or there was a kid for my go that way at the olympic variety weber trampoline about eight years ago whatever the bummer olympic were and everybody and and kept talking about always go to the olympics going to be so great ended up volume up traveling if anything it dead lap big team played now.

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