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The general manager you know back in my time. We'll also drafted. Eli just just to see executive to players and and I'll come back because like a family and he meant so much to all of us because I know without winning a super bowl my life is different and an ally with the big catalyst and a big reason. We were able to do that and I'm just grateful to be team. He's always been such a nice man. Dan and and I think his demeanor that everyone said he doesn't show any emotion. It was perfect for New York because we had a lot of other guys who were colorful we. You need a quarterback to be focused and all those things to help the team win two super bowl. Michael Strahan here on the rich Eisen show more. I'm sure you're already hearing that. There's a lot of talk about your two thousand seven giants giants team for this very week. Number One your offensive coordinators. According to the defense for the Kansas City chiefs and Steve Spagnolo and number two is that yes. You've got a a an MVP quarterback on one side albeit one season removed and mahomes but four guys who can put their fingers in the dirt defensive line line and go hunt and have you'd have to scheme your way or the quarterback that's your guys in that role at you had in handing loan loss to the previously undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl. Do you see any similarities. Other than just what I just throw at you yeah. I'm kind of You you everyone asks. Who's going to win and it'd be honest with you? I don't know right now. Oh I got to you know just meditate on it. That's Glazer move. Save it for any data. Glaser why exactly Glazer says nothing to nobody unless it's the guy or people or ladies who are paying them so I understand it does say something a bunch of gibberish. Anyway asshole but it's interesting to me to watch the BAG NOLA who I I. Literally just came here from their practice. Okay in the see him With the defense that it's built differently than our defense bill. You know they'd be for the definitely bill differently than our defense. I think the challenge they're going to have is really the running game and and everyone. Everyone has criticized Garoppolo not everyone is criticizing but a lot of people said we don't know of Jimmy G. can win the game but I think when they needed him to throw the ball. He's throwing the ball. Well he's done and everything that they needed him to do. But the number one priority in my opinion to stop in that running game if the chiefs are gonNA quarterback to get on the field and do what he does best and on the other side being at the NFC championship game watching all the four linemen. Come off the ball. I'm like I don't so we were that exmaple kidding. We were explosive and we were. We were great. Trust ME I. I'm not bragging but we were great at what we you did. Yeah but we were as big as these. We want six seven six eight three twenty and run like your to forty. You know both is not as big. But he's like one little muscle also he has motor never stops. I think we hit our hotspot. These guys have been hot all year long and is GonNa be a big challenge to slow down that line. Nine and Mahomes had a lot of weapons. They're going to have to get there and running game going as well to kind of counteract just guys rushing up the field you gotta learn hits them seemed to slow to rest out. Yeah Michael Strahan here here on the rich Eisen show few more minutes left with you. You'll be you as well as Howie and Terry and obviously Jimmy getting in the hall of fame. It was an amazing moment that that you were able to celebrate on live. TV The other day. That was pretty cool. The greatest thing about Jimmy's moment is that Jimmy had other opportunity that have passed for him to make it into the hall of fame and I think he had gotten to the point of where when hall of fame came around. He really didn't WanNa hear about it. He was kind of like. I'm over it I don't want to hear about it doesn't matter you know Harry Carson from the giant hairy the giant ways on your heart man it and it even I saw the video with Drew Pearson. Persson broke my heart. I see that like that really broke my heart because it means a lot to the guy than some now all the hard work they put in so when David Baker came out curt Menefee what the only one who knew. Do the rest of US had no idea actually came out late because he was watching halftime show in the green room. Oh my God. This is a moment Jay. GotTa get in on a moment right so day ran out is yeah and joined us and to see Jimmy get choked up and start to cry for guy who.

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