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We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan area. But I'm impressed when a business goes out of their way to honor veterans talk to us about that event. You guys were planning which It's not just a one off. This is AH, honoring our veterans has been a or founding principle of our company. My father, David Monitor served in the army. My brother Ben is an Army Ranger as well served in 10th Mountain. And so this is something we've done year after year after year In every single one of our locations. We have three stores in Ohio. And every year we have done that one of the things that we do, and whenever a veteran joins us in one of our stores, we bang a big gong in every single associate in the company stops whatever they are doing, and they have come to that veteran and they thinking for their service. We give them a challenge Coin. Take a picture. We post them on the wall of honor, and then we we give them an invitation to that celebration that we hold every year around Veterans Day this year, obviously, with Kobe 19. It's been a bit of a challenge. We're trying to figure out how to do that. Do it safely. So the part of the white caps here in Grand Rapids and minor league baseball team they've come to table with a tremendous amount of assistance. We're actually going to use 5th 3rd ballpark. We figured if we can't get socially distance there, we've got bigger problems. So we're gonna be out of the White Caps Stadium 5th 3rd Stadium October 11th where you were sending invitations to every single veteran that has been in our store since our two years of operation here. We're going to invite them out. We're gonna have a keynote speaker. We're goingto have events for Children. Goingto have all the Veterans Service is reaching out to every single volunteer group, The veteran's home, Everybody that is tied in any way, shape or form with our veterans community. We're gonna reach out to them, ask them to be present so that veterans have a one stop shop where they can reach out and get registered for various services and programs that support them. And last year we gave out almost $50,000 in furniture to our veterans. That's just something that when I first started talking to my brothers about coming on board, it was just truly one of things that tipped the scales for me that that type of commitment to giving back to those men and women that have served our country with something just so proud of my brothers and my father for having done throughout the company's existence. And I want to be a part of that. That's awesome. For those of you who live or have friends in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan. The events going to be Sunday, October 11th on my right That's exactly right..

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