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Traditions and you can join the conversation at 8667336786 Get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. A cake we deform or email your questions too far in the kitchen, sweetie dot org's About what Tadeusz Marta's 2020 means to you and also About somebody that you may be remembering this year. You're listening to forum. I mean, a Kim. The other thing that Roy's comment reminds me of is also just the reminder that this celebration gives us which is that a relationship, meaning him saying that it's something that we should be thinking about every day. That a relationship with a loved one doesn't end When they die mean I think that's something that's been really powerful for me to think about with regard to Theophilus Martos. Yes, exactly. And That is what offers healing is that it allows us to remain in relationship with are dead, and I often say that allows us to continue to commune with are dead. Because through the offender, it's like a bridge between our the living and the dead. And That The guy said, the healing that happens as we crossed that bridge or as the dead cross that bridge that's ongoing. Itjust doesn't last. You know the few days that we call the D A S Martos. That continues on throughout the year and then annually we renew it. We renew that relationship. We strengthen the communication and that's what makes this Healing ongoing Well, the sister writes. My father was the Mexican consul in Atlanta, and he died this past year on Altar for the Adela Smart US at the consulate has been dedicated to his memory. The people he served and the staff of the consulate. Remember him? I wantto think this is not for sharing that with us and very sorry. To hear about that loss. We'll let me go next weekly to Gwen in San Francisco. Hi, Gwyn. You wanted to join us? I, um I, um am annoyed by the fact that how white have AH, Taken over the day of the dead, especially in the mission area. They've named it everything I remember one year when I used to go. I haven't been in about 15 years. They had a theme The death of the mission. The death of rent Control by BLA bla all those things they're relevant. However, the day Of the dead is that's not it. They shouldn't use other people's culture to put over there. Political views, and I went to Oaxaca to witness it and the people they have a party. They go the graveyard. They bring food they're watching. You know, washed the tombstones and ah all that before I go. I want to give a shout out to my late grandfather, Reverend William Rucker of Kentucky. He was spiritually warrior. Well, thanks for telling us about him. And and thanks for showing that perspective, and I thought to get your reaction to it. Because I do think that with the growth of thie what to sort of commercially or even just broader understanding of it? I know with the movie cocoa and various other things that there have been both. There's been joined that but also concerned about that, and we have just about 30 seconds just in terms of appropriation and so forth, and whether or not it's really being celebrated in the way it's meant to be Yes. In fact, I often say one of the biggest challenges right now is to retain its authenticity problem. That doesn't mean it has to stay the same look the same every year. But we have to keep the spiritual essence of it. And it's also you know, in terms of a time to raise other political issues, it can be used that way. But again, it's it's how we do it and do the offender advertising, you know, Control gentrification wreck control of police violence, it could be done. Brunel Surrender really have to be careful how this mission is being commercialized. Yes, they're not following that. Well, thank you for sharing that lot of Medina Cassie University, Northridge. Thanks to our listeners for their questions and comments and two are in a prelude Blanka tours for producing today's segments. I mean, Achim, you've been listening to farm.

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